met this girl who is older than me by around 4-5 years.. she knows my age and she's cool with it.
we hanged out about 5-6 times, not counting but we were about to have sex and she said she was on her period :/ but no sweating, i still kept on playing and got a handjob so all good. i didnt bother holding it in too long cuz it wasnt really going anywhere so i cum after like 2 minutes (a turn off??)
few days later we went for a movie (it was a boring movie but whatever), and i dropped her off home and left to my place. and for about a week now she hasnt talked/texted me.
after that last day, 3 days later i texted her that if she needs help (with moving stuff to her new place) and wants to hang out to let me know.. no respond. i called her the day after, no respond.

rewind back to day-3 i never texted/called her for a week and got a text "still remember me? " and i replied. then i got "i miss you.." and shit like that..

i feel like she is testing how needy i am. i honestly dont care if she plays with me, if anything its her loss :b but i just wanna understand the logic here, did i fuck up or something?!
she is a relationship material, and im down to it (to a certain level lol) but not if she never even calls or texts..

bottom line is, what to do? should i call and leave a message that i wanna take her out somewhere fun or text her or just wait for her to text/call first?