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    wingman737 Guest

    Red face Just found this site, wanna help a new kid out

    Okay sorry this is a bit long.

    I liked this girl back home but never talked to her because she was super shy. Her little sister and my little sister have recently become best friends. I dont have a girl back home and want to hang out with this girl during school breaks so we have a foundation for summer.

    This girl is super shy and has never even had a bf.

    I had my sister get her number for me because I cant as I am in another state. I had hardly said two words to the girl before I texted her the another night.

    I wish I had found this site before I texted her, their are so many things I have seen that I have never even thought about. I was completely winging it here.

    We texted from 930 till 1230 she had school the next day and her sister said she usually goes to bed at 1030.

    ME: Hey Sammie! its Ryan. I mighta had my sister steal your number for me because I didn't know how else to get it. so what's up?
    HER: Hello. Not much hbu?
    ME: Just watching tv. how's senior year going?
    HER: Pretty good kinda stressful tho
    ME: Yea I know what ya mean. at least you did need to have espinoza anymore tho lol. your not still in Spanish right?
    HER: Heck no! Spanish sucks I hated it
    ME: Me to! I got to college and they require 3 more semesters of it ha ha I thought I wad done
    HER: That sucks!
    ME: Yes it most definetly does. have you applied to any colleges yet?
    HER: Haha no I need to do that soon
    ME: or you could forget about college and live in your parents basement forever
    HER: I like that idea!
    ME: Ha ha I bet you do
    HER: I wonder how my parents would feel about that
    ME: I bet your mom would sorta like it lol. I think mine would.
    HER: Ya maybe haha
    ME: ha ha um what's your favorite tv show?
    HER: Ummm friends or the office Haha
    ME: Steve carell is a very funny man. I don't think I have ever seen friends
    HER: What!!! There is something wrong with u
    ME: Ha ha no way there is something wrong with you! Actually there is something wrong with our sisters lol
    HER: I agree with the sister part but u need to watch friends!!! Its the best show ever
    ME: you know what I will. your going to have to tell me when its on tho
    HER: Well im not really sure anymore i dont watch it that much anymore
    ME: Well if you see it on you tell me lol or I know you have all of the seasons and I can watch those
    HER: I dont have all the seasons but i know someone who does!
    ME: Umm your mom? Lol who
    HER: My friend rachael!
    ME: Well when I’m in town you should definetly get them from your friend Rachel!
    HER: I will try!
    ME: Lol alrighty. I just heard some bad news lol my we had season tickets to the eagles but my dad got rid of them cause I moved
    HER: That sucks!
    ME: you don't even know. do you play any sports?
    HER: Ya i play soccer im not very good tho
    ME: I'm sure you do fine!
    HER: Not really Haha
    ME: psh whateva. as long as its fun is all that matters
    HER: Haha o yes that is all that matters
    ME: ha ha it is! I'm going to guess that you also hike?
    HER: Yes I do
    ME: I don’t know why I thought that but I was right lol
    HER: Haha well good for you
    ME: Ha ha well thank you. I'm psychic
    HER: Thats cool so am i! Only sometimes tho
    ME: ha ha I think the word your looking for is psycho lol jk jk
    HER: Haha ya probably
    ME: Ha ha probably not! What are your top 3 movies
    HER: Hmm miracle, transformers, and Madagascar 2
    ME: I love miracle! So you like hockey then?
    HER: Ya kinda haha only if im in the mood for it haha
    ME: I see ha ha. have you seen the video of the toddler dong the herb brooks speech?
    HER: Yes! Haha its so cute and funny
    ME: ha ha I know! That and Charlie bit me
    HER: Haha my sister loves that! Whenever she gets hurt she always say ouch charlie!
    ME: ha ha that's funny! Charlie that really hurt and its still hurting Charlie
    HER: Haha i love it! It so cute!
    ME: I wanna adopt a British kid. You could never get mad at him lol
    HER: Haha ya he is just so cute!
    ME: I couldn't agree more! have you ever seen big daddy?
    HER: No
    ME: Oh my gosh!! Ha ha I can’t believe that. There is a funny kid on that. My sister and used to watch it all the time.
    HER: Well ill have to watch it then!
    ME: I definetly have that movie ha ha
    HER: Well I will have to use it sometime haha
    ME: Ha ha I will have to watch it with you
    There is a ten minute break here. The rest of the conversation was moving quick, a response within two minutes every time, but then a pause here.

    HER: Haha ok
    ME: okay ha ha. Alright umm what music people do you like?
    HER: Hmmm like all! Haha david archuleta and eminem and taylor swift are my favorites and fray
    ME: I love eminem and the fray. I actually like Taylor swift too lol but that’s a secret ha ha.
    HER: Ooo!! Im telling everyone!
    ME: Hey! Ha ha I can't believe I trusted you
    HER: Haha ok fine I wont tell
    ME: Lol my little cousin already told my family I was singing in the car ha ha it was so embarrassing!
    HER: Hahaha thats funny!
    ME: Ha ha I know! I don't know what came over me
    HER: Haha i bet u got a lot of crap for that
    ME: Ha ha they went easy on me they told me it was cute ha ha
    HER: Ha ha well that’s good
    ME: I know! Ha ha. Do you have a car
    HER: Yes its ugly haha
    ME: I’m sure its fine! Ha ha
    HER: Ha ha ya its not too bad. It would be better if my brother wouldn’t have backed into and made the door all dented
    ME: Ha ha ha that sucks! Who is your brother?
    HER: ya it does. Logan.
    ME: What grade is he in?
    HER: He was a senior last year
    ME: Wow lol I feel retarded that I don't know who that is. but speaking of bad cars my cousin Jason has a sketchmobile lol
    HER: Don’t worry he is a jerk u don’t wanna know him. Haha that’s funny! Well im gonna go bye.
    ME: Alright talk to you later. text me if your ever bored!

    so i dont know what to make of this.
    Yes I realize that I say ha ha way to much, dont tell me about it I know.

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    BadMedicine Guest

    Default Re: Just found this site, wanna help a new kid out

    well, good news and bad news. first, a lot of silly sh!t.. but you're forgiven. secondly, you're in...but I'm going to be quaint and honest:

    less haha's.. it was about every post. mix it up with some "lol" or "lawl" (uber new age/ trendy/ geek) and ":-)'s" and less overall... I know lightheartedness is a positive but after too many it's try-hard and appeasing.

    Next, get some substantial convo going, granted, it was good banter and good response time but 3 hrs and you didnt talk about ANYTHING! :-O!! just filling the void and developing comfort is great, but I get the sense that's why she jetted was because after 3 hrs you hadn't mustered a meeting palce. your next text should be "I'm going to be at the (lake, bbq, skate rink, arbys, game, mall, museum, ANYWHERE) with some friends would liek to see you" ..or make an excuse to see her alone.. she should respond positively, then its kinda a 'thing' if she can't, then go a little cold and dont text till you can set up a place to meet. if she texts, be nice but after a few exchanges tell her you're busy and plan to see her sometiem or chat later.

    NO MORE 3 HOUR TEXT FESTS!! you're going to become a gf and that is not quality work son!!

    Other than that, good banter, pretty decent back and forths.. no more haha's, or atleast only 20% of your texts.. smilies and lawls... but still not more than 25-30%...

    your welcome. dibs on leftovers

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    wingman737 Guest

    Default Re: Just found this site, wanna help a new kid out

    Thanks for the response. I dont know if you saw this part but i am out of state for college im just trying to set something up for this summer. So I'm going to see if she wants to hang out when im in town for school breaks like thanksgiving and christmas you know? I dont really know what to do with her from now until thanksgiving break. Im not not going after girls here at college either but i just want this girl for summer

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    BadMedicine Guest

    Default Re: Just found this site, wanna help a new kid out

    hmmm, didnt notice that. well if you continue having 3 hr texts she's going to burn out before you return. sporadi texts that show interest, a few anticipation builders (I have got to take you to X movie, X lake, X game, X museum... etc..) a few pre-set plans, but other than that no more than maybe a text a day or everyother day, adn a 'discussion" of a few texts maybe once a week or so. keep you fresh in her mind but dont burn out/ lose value. Maybe mention that midterms/ finals have you super busy./ you work alot/ etc.. show interest but dont be needy/ low value. Escalate a little the week or so before ou go back.

    Maybe cut her off compeltely for a couple weeks and have your sister relay to her that you 'broke your phone" or whatever. several months of text game is going to be anti climatic and she may lose interest if you're not real good!!

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    Default Re: Just found this site, wanna help a new kid out

    well good news wing man. other than being the unofficial text game guru.(maybe ill steal that title from race de preist one day.thats my goal lol) you have done good. lots of guys know the rules of text game but also forget to look at a girls personality. she is very shy, timid, and u even said she hasnt had a boyfriend. she probably still has that view of "the perfect guy" thing. you need to build an exciting frame that will show her new things but within and sometimes over her comfort zone.

    so first off, ill give it to you. for not studying game or anything, that wasnt too bad. you naturally have a fun frame that makes jokes. and dont worry about the lol or haha. it would be wierd if you put them all the time and she didnt. but when she does the same thing you just simply mirroring her actions. by mirroring her you kind of build rapport that she doesnt really know about. have u ever noticed how comfortable you feel around somebody who is a lot like you. same idea is behind mirroring.

    ok your goal is to do stuff on breaks right? ok well thanskgiving is this month so you need to make some headway. i mean the advice badmedicine gave was good, dont text her all the time is good. dont worry, when u build attraction she will loook forward to texting you and might start trying to talk to you. but if she is texting you a lot u dont want to burn her out. so sometimes keep it short and you have tons of excuses for being in college. so start by getting her attracted. you need to be fun, playful and different. im sure guys have hit on her and you need to break her out of autopilot to do that.

    next thing is build sexual attraction. start using sexual innuendos, and other things or maybe jokes to build some sexual tension into your thing. i actually made a little technique nothing big but starts into a fun somewhat sexual interaction. and from the looks of it, she will go along with it. i havent ever given it a name though. we will call it the butt technique for now. so lets say ur doing a future projection so that you are thinking of things to do when you come back. just say some silly stuff and at the end be like
    "...wait a minute. i have a ?"
    "what is it? "
    "when we come and hang out your not going to be staring at my butt and wanting to grab it constantly are you? im not a piece of meat. that privilege is earned, not a right"

    basically it starts into something a little sexual where you can start roleplaying with something like rockstar and groupie. lets say she says "oh damn, you read my mind. im am going to have to grab it now when a girl walks by and blame it on her". then you can start into "haha wow ur so bad. im not your little groupie hoe for you to do whatever to. if anything im the rockstar and ur the groupie :P".

    but since all you can do is text, i would suggest getting race de preists b4utxther program. its amazing and i leanred so much from it. if you dont believe it works, go check out some of my text game reports and it will prove how well all his stuff works. and trust me you get more than ur moneys worth. its equivalent to 50-100 pages worth of information and its all good!
    I live in my reality and you’re a guest

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    Default Re: Just found this site, wanna help a new kid out

    so a simplified plan. start turning the convos fun, mix in some phone game every now and then. start the convos to be slightly sexual. obviously if you havent noticed that she has had a boyfriend, she is more than likely a virgin. so dont make it too sexual. and just have fun.

    and to work on the headway. you had tons of moments in there for future projection. like when she said you need to see friends, you could make a plan "ok well if you promise to be bucket loads of fun, then i can watch it with you. but again, butt priveleges are earned not given away lol :P"

    but if u truly need help and want to snag this girl as maybe a LD LTR then go for it. and if you want her as the "when ur home booty call" race de preists program is worth its wieght in gold.
    I live in my reality and you’re a guest

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    wingman737 Guest

    Default Re: Just found this site, wanna help a new kid out

    thanks guys. I didnt include this info earlier because my post was long enough as it is. But at the end of that 3 hour text fest I said text me if your ever bored.
    So I waited 3 days and then texted her Geez dont you ever get bored? then we texted for 30 minutes and I told her I had to go and not to forget about me this time.
    Its been a week and she hasnt texted me and I have not texted her. What should I do from here? Im not sure if she will text me because she is so shy.

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