What would you suggest I improve? Is her response good? I think the first part is rough, but I felt like she was flirting at the end. What is your opinion?

Me: I'm gonna do something sunday night. I don't know what yet, but you are welcome to join.

Her: hey whats up? I just got off work. so what r u going to do on halloween?

Me: I don't know. Do you like bowling or lazer tag?

her: I don't know. choose what u like best. for me i will be at work until 9 pm passing out candy to kids. i still can't decide on what my costum will be.

Me: I don't mind hanging later. We can go to (blank) and do both.

her: I don't know. the halloween party at the (work area) ends at 9 but it might go on later and I might have to clean up. I don't want to hold you up or your friends.

Me: You wont. =)

Me: I don't really have any friends that don't already have plans.

her: Thats fine. but really when i do get done with work it will probably be to late to do anything. blank is too far for me that late. plus aren't you worried about getting up for the midterm the next day?

me: I live blank. We can just get pancakes at ihop if you want. where do you live?

her: don't they close at 9?

me: Ihop? They are 24/7

her: really?

me: yeah. they are advertising unlimited pancakes.

her: I don't know if it would be fun to eat pancakes on halloween. too bad I couldn't go to a haunted house this year. it would be too late to go to one by the time i get done with work. oh well. hey done we have a midterm next we have u studied yet?

me: yeah. Well bowling allies stay open late. we can bowl a game before you sleep. yeah I studied I think lol

her: wait do we have any part of the mid term monday?

me: I bet there are movies on halloween after 10

me: We can make water botttle bombs haha

me: singing and dictation I think

her: great that should be fun

me: What is fun? Bombs?

her: no dictation

me: yeah I like dictation. Do you like singing?

her: i hope that is sarcasm because if not u must be really gifted in music

me: Its easy besides singing

me: I sound like donald duck =D what is your favorite part?

her: I don't particularly like singing, but it is better than the later

her: I can't hear anyone when we r all singing in class. i like it when blank plays the piano

me: I liked that song we analyzed for the take home midterm.

her: yeah that was awesome I tried playing some of it but it sounded better when blank played it. i don't think anyone can match him. (the teacher)

me: wow, that is impressive. I couldn't play that on piano. I admire the fact you tried.

her: not really mine was much slower oh well I guess i need to practice much more. anyways what has been up with you lately?

me: well I studying a lot, I have an interview with blank later this month. you? hey if you don't have time sunday i'll take a rain check. =)

her: what's blank sorry dont know what that is

me: the ambulance company in blank. where do you live?

her: iterview? r u going to work with them?

me: if they hire me lol its my last thing i need before they say yes. where do you live?

her: blank

me: oooohhh.... is it true all people in (her city) are cold hearted?

her: Excuse me i hope you aren't talking about me.

me: maybe i am =D (its sarcasm. dont be mad lol)

her: umhum yeah i know i have two younger brothers and i braty sister i think i have master the art of sarcasm

me:snappy much? i'm gonna call you lobby like a lobster.

her: ??? no.. i'm not. this is why i hate talking over text because u can't tell how someone is reacting to what u say oh well here i'll put a smily face =)

me: i am all jokes right now. =) lobby lol so is blank your first college?

her: yeah what about you?

me: I transferred here in the summer from another school.

her: cool i like blank even if it is small. when r u leaving blank?

me: I love it at blank. so much better than the other school. i don't know when i'll leave. you wanna get rid of me? lol

her: No i was just wondering. i am transfering next year probably to (blank)

me: aww, why the sad face?

me: blank 1 or blank 2?

her: the first. because it is closer I wanted to go to blank but it is an hour drive i would have to live there to many cons.

me: blank 1 is a good school. =) i thought about going there

her: I guess but i like blank better.

me: I see. =) It'll be ok.

me: Good night lobby. see you sunday or raincheck?

I don't know how that night will turn out, but probably a raincheck we should study some time. easier to figure things out with two minds.

me: Sounds like a plan sleep well. =)

her: you too night.


her: mine's much cooler lol

me: I'll only agree if it makes you feel better. doesn't make it true though lol

her: oh if you want to play that game bring it on!

me: Bring it. i'll be here tomorrow. you know how to reach me. lol sleep well lobby.