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    Default How to text the girl who knows she's the hottest

    If you're in a closed environment (meaning your selection of HBs is limited and finite), how would you approach the hottest girl? Note that other guys are texting her / hitting with her; she knows she is the hottest girl available; and she is flirting with whatever guy she pleases.

    I am in this situation; I know she is attracted to me, but how do I separate myself from the other guys she's attracted to?

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    Default Re: How to text the girl who knows she's the hottest

    by being different. you need to stand out. just like any other area of PU. Its about separating yourself from the crowd. Try adding some roll play, sexual Tension, nicknames, stuff like that. If you want an example, Crob has an amazing field report that was a pure internet pickup. But it was done with great text skills. Check it out and learn from it.

    Just to let you know, if you use really good text game and she has tons of other guys texting her it will help you. It makes you stand out and seem attractive.


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