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    Liberty Guest

    Default Need Advice on Next Move

    Here’s the situation –

    Saw this girl at a bar that I had met at a party a year previous. I left her with a good first impression, but had no interest in pursuit at the time. Opened her really easily. We had excellent conversation, in addition to the flirting.

    Ended up closing with sex. Girl developed an attitude on walk home -- Like she was a slut down for wanting just sex. Didn't have to hide my motives in the lease.

    However, after sex she had some insecurity showing. She was normal in the morning when I playfully made fun of her for the insecurity (she got a bit drunk while she was here).

    She stayed the night. Un-awkward taking her home – no kiss goodbye or any such poor ideas. She texted me once, I’ve texted her once (random chat, minor flirting). Haven’t talked her at all in a couple days. I want to re-initiate for a date, see if I can either make this a relationship, or at the very least casual sex.

    Should I do this over phone or text? Why?
    What kind of date?

    Should I attempt to have sex with her again?

    Most importantly, how do I make sure I have the power on my side?

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    bossman Guest

    Default Re: Need Advice on Next Move

    first of all you need to decide what you want out of your guys' "relationship"
    do you want her to be a girlfriend or a booty call? those are 2 very different things. my advice would be to decide that first, then game her into whichever one you choose

    If you try to "keep your options open" for both, she will either lose interest because you are moving too slow, or you will counteract your own game.

    a relationship is gonna demand things you want to keep out of a fb scenario, like honesty, devotion, trust, validation and monogamy (in most cases).

    as far as what you should do in terms of talking to her, I would say nothing until you figure out what your looking for

    hope this helps, and good luck

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