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    coreyt Guest

    Default NEED RESPONSE to text

    I said something she said Ur too cute whats a response that will help me land this girl. I known her for ears and i really wanna land this one and get a kiss close


    I responded Thanks, your sexy.

    She responded I wish

    i hate the "im not pretty" type. How do i work it she's coming over my hosue to hang out tonight
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    Default Re: NEED RESPONSE to text

    well since they already think they are not cute, negging them about that will probably not work to hot. but a playful thing about confidence might work. but yeah im not too much into the girls who have confidence problems. you need to try and give her value while not jocking all overs her nuts trying to tell her she is pretty. even try and find the source of the problem. something even as simple as "woah woah text wifey. how can you possibly think that. come on confidence is a must or i will have to divorce you :P" then she might explain the problem and then just nip that in the butt and keep going. the best thing to maybe do is give her that feeling that girls love. like she is the only one that matters. girls eat that stuff up. then she will feel cute/sexy and then will be more receptive to having fun and getting intimate with you. but first things first, you need to find out the confidence problem
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    symphd Guest

    Default Re: NEED RESPONSE to text

    going to agree with Crobinson. It seems like a lot of the times, when a girl has no self confidence (the pretty but think they're not kinda thing), they just need reassurance. However, you can sit there and say "no you're pretty, don't think that" - then you're just kind of a mushy dude. While that may be what chicks want in the long run, most girls aren't generally attracted to that. The cocky funny is the best way to go, and Crobinson said it best with the wifey text. Keep it cool and never seem like you're really chasing.

    Cheers and good luck.

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