Posted: Today at 9:26 pm Post subject: Asked girl if she wants to kiss and she just says yes
Hello to everybody,
for my personal interests, i have already written a topic in the introduction part of the forum.
Since i don't go out a lot in this new city where i have moved in to write my thesis, i decided to test Internet first. While trying different things, i found the profile of a girl who said that
she wanted to kiss with a man on a sofa
. I don't know exactly since when she's red my message, but i wrote her for a month, and told her(translated from german):

Is ok for you if i also want to kiss you long enough, and get to learn how to pleasure a woman without having sex? i mean don't you think it would be great, if every man knew this?
Well i didn't expected her to respond to something like that(but i wished she would), and today after 3 weeks, she wrotes me back just with a:

Please guys, help me one this one, how should i handle the next steps???????
Thanks for the help