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    Default Text game - getting the hang of this?

    Text game is still pretty new to me (been single for 7 mos after an 8 yr marriage), but I think I'm starting to get this.

    Texts from this morning with an HB9 with a bf - we reconnected after 11 yrs (never did anything before, at the time she was 17 I was 23), and immediately she started telling me about bf troubles. I'm mainly working on building attraction and comfort through texts, since right now our schedules aren't really allowing us to see each other.

    Any feedback?

    Me: Quit staring at your phone wondering if I'm gonna text u today
    HB9: Haha! I was making reservations for 12 people tonight in Kansas [her job]
    Me: Great - is that our alibi for the bank robbery we're planning [first reference to this]
    HB9: Sure
    Me: Just make sure you don't screw up the way you did last time
    HB9: hahaha I didn't screw up last time
    Me: You forgot to set your watch back and got there an hour before it opened! I thought your memory would have improved since you stopped drinking
    HB9: Not at all! Years of drugs put holes in my brain
    Me: OK well youre definitely not driving ... you might have a blonde moment and leave without me
    HB9: That would be funny
    Me: Not if I'm still inside. How would you get your third of the money?
    HB9: It'd be half
    Me: Like you can do fractions
    HB9: I can!
    Me: U can do fractions but can't set your watch?
    HB9: Ur a dork
    Me: Lol U get cool points for playing along for 30 minutes
    HB9: I get cool points for being me.But I'll take extra for playing cops and robbers
    Me: Ur handcuffs or mine?
    HB9: Both
    Me: Maybe ... if u behave. Or I guess I should say if you don't
    HB9: Ur full of jokes this morning
    Me: Life's too short not to smile
    HB9: Very true.

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    Default Re: Text game - getting the hang of this?

    not bad. u actually did really good on that. im impressed. good job
    I live in my reality and you’re a guest

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    Default Re: Text game - getting the hang of this?

    Thanks. And thanks to the OP of the line "Quit staring at your phone" ...

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