One thing I've always been pretty bad at is the texting game. I can get numbers fairly easily, but I feel like I can't convey the whole cocky funny thing through texts.

Here's the situation: Was at a bar, HB7 was with friends all night: 2 dudes, 3 chicks. They all looked like the just got off of work (all in waiter-like uniforms). The 2 dudes and 1 chick get up and go to the bar... Approached:

"Is that your boyfriend?"
Her: "No".
Me: "Have a drink with me sometime?"
Her: I'd like that. (She looks for a pen) I don't have a pen.
Her friend: (searches her purse - I forgot my phone at the table where my friend was).
Me: I'll remember
Her: 555-555-5555
Me: OK
Her friend: Repeat it back so I know you'll call her
Me: 555-555-555...4? Let me get my phone.
(come back, get the number)
Her friend: Are you gonna call?
Me: Uh.. promise! (Very dryly said)

Almost thought her friend, (HB9 brunette, had backed turned the whole time to me.. damn!) , was more interested.

Week later (Friday night - shoulda known better)
Me: Coffee?
Her: Hey! Sorry, I'm going into work!

Now how long do you think I should wait to text back -- and what kind of reply should it be?