hey so after a pretty slow night in sydney city with not many opportunities coming up and me just plain not in the mood we started heading home.

on the 4:30am nightrider bus back from the city the last seat that was available was taken by a HB8 who was taking up both seats. when she saw me walking up the bus corridor she moved across and smiled at me. i smiled back and sat down

i turned my back to her for a bit to neg her and she started talking about how it was so cold and she just wanted to go home. we then started talking and this went on for the 25 mins or so we were on the bus with only a few awkward silences (i know thats still pretty bad but hey it was like 5am by this stage and i was tired as fark). i felt i was building heaps of rapport and she was giving me a few ioi's like playing with her hair and leaning into me as if she was interested and laughing at my jokes etc.

we got talking about what we both did and where we like to go out and music festivals and whatnot, and just before i got off i # closed her and she seemed a bit apprehensive to give me her number but she did anyway. i told her i would prank call her when i got off the bus just so she got my number.

i pranked her and she didnt reply. i didnt message her or anything. maybe the number is a fake so ill try call her in a couple days time to see if its a fake or not :S

wish me luck yea :P