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    Question Need some help to recover situation control.

    Anyways, I'm a newb here, this is post #1. My understanding of the game is fair, but I am hella $h!tty at texting. So to the issue,..If you want to save time skip the first 3 paragraphs to the important stuff.

    I meet a HB8 (unnatural redhead) Last week at work who has worked with me for awhile but we have never acknowledged each other. So on that Monday night I'm chatting with my buddy who tries flirting with her often, unsuccessfully. She walked up and introduces herself to me. My buddy asks if I wanna come smoke a J with him and the target and her friend. She then encourages me to come and I agree.

    We smoke and chill in the car outside my homie's house for a bit and i get a few good laughs out of her and her friend, she keeps asking me one question after another about my likes and what not. We have a lot in common, and she seems to really express interest in my dreadlocks. I played this part out pretty cool. My friend leaves and the girls take me back to my car, She says "You should give me your number" So I gave it to her.

    One week later on the following Monday she comes and sits by me at work, we make a little small talk (considering we are working in a office calling center.) Upon leaving she says "I just sent you a text so you have my number now" It reads "This is the girl sitting next to you,.." I tease her a bit and she tells me to text her sometime.

    So obviously this chick is interested.

    So following day at work I had not yet talked contacted her yet. I spot her across the room and and text her
    Me: "Hey why don't you and your friend come chill rather than be lame in that corner over there."
    Her: Lol you!
    Me Lol you?
    Her: I cant believe you havent said hi to me today! Sad.
    Her: You come chill. B*tch.
    Me: Oh hell no you didn't. I can't believe you didn't say hi to me.
    Her: Where are you?
    Me: Look behind you.
    Her: You should have sat by us, today was boring!
    Me: You really expect me to go all the way over there?
    Her: JK JK JK, KJ, LOL So howre you? (my name is KJ)
    Me: Im doin awesome, you? Don't be shy jeez, You gonna come chat or sit in your corner.
    After ten mins with no reply My phone starts dying so I text.
    Me: "Well When You get to work tomorrow come say hi so i know your here, and maybe i'll sit by you. A little co-op by both parties eh?

    She never replied, that night or the next, My text game was pretty lame, not playful enough, I was extremely tired and was very adamant that i was gonna make her put forth the effort to come sit by me. She never said bye when she left either.

    I didn't work the next day and Two days later on thanksgiving night She texts "Happy thanksgiving <3" Probably a mass send to all people in her contacts. So i have not responded. Since my last text on Tuesday night.

    What do you guys think I should do to recover for this bit of lame game?
    Like I said I'm not to smooth with texting and need to improve in this area.
    Text her with some C&F comment today?
    Maybe "What did my 3rd favourite red-head do for thanksgiving?"
    Not text her for awhile?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Default Re: Need some help to recover situation control.

    Check out this free preview by Race dePriest. Tons of cool free help.

    Text Game Mastery

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    bp_patriot Guest

    Default Re: Need some help to recover situation control.

    Wow you have a fiesty one on your hands lol. From what I read in the background it seems like she's into you. I think you definitely should have negged her hard for calling you a bitch, plus she seems like she can take it well. I think you needed to be more interesting or some type of hook to make her come sit with you. It kinda seemed like you were boring just saying come sit back and fourth. Maybe something like come over here so I can tell you about x y z from work etc. Hope this helped, this is just what I saw from my perspective.

    But it wasn't a huge mistake man. Just definitely be C/F the next time you text her and try to be extremely interesting. Ramp up sexual Tension with this girl she called you a bitch, she's clearly frank about things, so you should be too.
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