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    Canthai Guest

    Default Need advice please help

    I appreciate and welcome any advice on how to make a friend a girlfriend in long distance.
    Just a little about myself.
    I tend to say hi to a lot of women just a friendly guy. Yeah I am the nice guy.
    Im 36 and I find I tend to let girlfriends control me. I am the guy who has the disese of one itis.
    Its funny when Im not there boyfriend I can be cocky funny but as soon as it is a relationship I fall hard to quick and tend to get a little to needy. I always thought giving my time to a women was inportant however now I am seeing the light.
    I have started to read alot of the pick up artists books videos etc. I am trying to build my self esteem and confidence in myself again.

    I have a situation I really need some pointers or help with.
    I am interested in a girl from Korea whom I have known for almost 2 years she was dating someone who I knew. I have been interested in her for awhile.She broke up with the guy and I met her a few times after that. However I had to move back to Canada for employment. A week before I left I told her I liked her and gave her reasons why. She said she is interested but at this time we are going through changes. we have been staying in touch for 2 months now.However she told me the other day she is seeing someone.I called her 2 days later and asked her about it. I was surprised how she answered my question she said " I dont really know why I am with him it wont last long maybe a month or 2.As well She said she was worried I would not talk to her anymore.
    What I need to know is how can I change this situation where she is chasing me.Im usually the one who calls and texts so the past few days I havent.
    How can I get this girl to think of me and want me?
    I asked her if she could come to Canada and she said ok. So I am sending her photos of the places I want to share with her. Is this ok?
    Also the other day she was upset that I called so much over the weekend as she wasnt answering, and I became worried.This is before she told me about the other guy. So I spoke to her and apologized and we are good now. She told me she has to study hard this week so I havent really tried to contact her. It is really hard.
    Thank you for any help or advice..
    I really like this girl and I dont want to repeat the same mistakes I have made with previous relationships.

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: Need advice please help

    I have successfully sarged a girl long distance recently, let me share some of what I did to help.

    First of all, it was a Brazillian girl who messaged me on OkCupid. She is an HB9, with a perfect personality and high intelligence to boot (she has at least one degree, in theology, and is going for one in psychology, likely in the US next year). Real interesting life, she's basically a missionary who deals with children with broken lives. I took it super slow with her, I made her chase me - afterall, I can't see her, touch her, kiss her, why am I going to invest time in a girl I'll have to spend $1000 to visit and won't be able to see all Spring?

    So, I first built rapport with the girl - it was more for my own sake, afterall, the girl lives many miles away, in San Paolo, and I had to make sure she was real (which I completely established, she even has a friend going to the college I'm about to attend). I talked about religion the first conversation, that built a lot of rapport. Then she didn't message me for a couple weeks, nor I her - I didn't want to invest energy into a girl so far away. One night, she messaged me, and I turned on the cocky/funny, even dropped a little sexual inuendo because I am a punk sometimes... hittin' on the missionary girl, lol. Anyway, I got to see pics of her in a bikini, and she addded me to Facebook. She comments on my stuff a lot, and stalks my wall (which is nice, it creates jealousy by itself, as one weird girl keeps asking me to hang out with her on my wall). One day I commented on a test she took where her Disney princess was the girl from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I told her my favorite princess was Belle, then she told me how she would never marry a prince (and gave a little sad face ). I told her I am lucky, because whoever marries me will be a princess, and joked around about my "castle."

    I mentioned there was a library, then on chat it practically turned into a roleplay about her running around my castle. I could tell she found it super romantic. She told me about how she really "desires" me and keeps trying to get my to come to Brazil. Long story short, she's coming to the US for awhile next year. So, by being very patient, and non-needy, I was able to get an HB9 from Brazil to come to me. I also created a sense of urgency in her by telling her my castle is hidden, and a lot of princesses are looking for it first. This worked wonders. Anyway, in the meantime I am still sarging, because who knows how this girl will turn out? Perhaps we will fall in love and I'll wind up marrying her and working in D.C. again instead of going to Div. school, or perhaps I'll decide she isn't for me - it could go either way or somewhere in between, but I won't stake my chances on it.

    You should treat the Korean girl this way - don't stake everything on her. You can only control what goes on in your own boundry, you cannot control what goes on in hers. By trying to control what goes on in hers, you are suffering, because you are worrying about something you have no control over. I think the only way to cure your one-itis is to learn to sarge other girls. Since I started sarging, girls I wanted a lot have become undesirable for different reasons - I can get prettier ones, nicer ones, more convenient ones, ones closer in values, etc.
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    Canthai Guest

    Default Re: Need advice please help

    Thx for takin the time to give me some guidance. I am going to do exactly that. I have not called emailed or texted her for a few days now. Instead I have met other Korean and Japanese girls in this city. Gona get my self togethier watch read all info i can get. Cheers Raven


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