I have signed up for POF four days ago. Have only messaged 6 decent girls around my area and five of them replied. For the one that did not respond, I sent a neg msg. That was the only msg of that type that i sent. It seemed to me that the girls respond the best when you challenge them on something that they believe. For instance if they are really into some football team, I would say something about their worst enemy and she would feel obligated to respond in order to stand up for her team.

There is one thing that I don't like about this online dating thing though. It seems like there is a lot of creepy girls out there. Most of them taking pictures from high up so that they can hide some of that 250lbs body of theirs, and these are the ones that will be msging you all day. I have received msgs from 12 different girls not including the ones that I initiated the contact with, and only three of them were 6+.

Out of these three, I got the phone numbers without even asking. And I am going to make myself to chill with one of them next week. This whole thing is creeping me out a little. Seems like girls on these websites are ridiculously desperate or do not have all of the screws in their heads.

Will keep you guys posted how that turns out!