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    Default Online Field Report In Progess

    Here's a girl i started talking to on a dating site and shes actually really fun,smart, and as you can see she likes to challenge guys. Even though I could have done some things better, I thought it was worth a post.

    Me:Guys are intimidated by you even over the internet? This is supposed to make it easier for them to talk to all you scary attractive girls haha we are all just people. I don't know though, maybe you get pretty physical when people dont pay their bills and they send you out to rough them up lol. My name is Anthony by the way, nice to meet you. Message me back if you want to chat

    As you can see I already classified myself as not your average guy.

    Her:Most men are afraid of rejection. I completely agree, I thought they would at least gain some confidence since its not an in person ice-breaker.

    No way. I'm a total sweetheart, never aggressive. lol Im Jessica. Its nice to meet you as well.

    How was your weekend so far? Mine was okay. Finally had a day off, totally took advantage of the freedom.

    A total sweetheart huh? We'll have to see about that :P

    My weekend I was still home from thanksgiving and somehow ended up spending my break designing and building a new built-in closet for my parents. I enjoy doing projects like that though so it was nice to see my idea come to fruition. At least half of it lol I ran out of time and had to get back to school so next time i have to finish some shelves.

    What did you do to take advantage of your day off? Run around causing mischief?

    Her:Psh! *rollseyes*

    So was this so called project hands on? Are you sure you didn't hire someone to do it? lol

    Mischief! As if. Im a total doll. Instead I got a lot of house cleaning, done. I live by myself.

    I should kick your butt! Yes, I built it all myself. I can build anything. Their walk in closet is now very nice if you must know.

    As if? who says that anymore you weirdo lol do you still say 'talk to the hand' and 'sike' too?

    Aww honey, I'm glad you know I like a clean house to come home to but house cleaning surrounded by old people? Sounds like the total doll needs more mischief

    Her:I say As if! Anything I say is totally "In".

    Sure, I bet you live with some really bad roommates, because you don't know how to live alone?

    No way, I'm not going to clean up after you. Your the type of guy that leaves his clothes all over the bathroom floor right?

    Notice I ignore her questions here. Shes testing me to see if ill say noooooooo thats not me! i swear! just talk to me!

    You won't clean up after me? What kind of girlfriend are you? This relationship isn't working out. I'll be over to get my sweatpants back later.

    You are probably the type of girl that drips all over the bathroom floor instead of toweling off inside the shower anyway!

    Her:Yes, I am that type of girl that drips everywhere, but my future boyfriend would think that's hott!

    Me:Haha i like you jessica. Girls on here are always so boring to talk to but you have a great personality. It's refreshing to meet a girl who isn't just another pretty face.

    Okay! With that said, back to business...

    Sure, you walking around wet and naked dripping everywhere might be hot. After the fact though when I end up stepping in a puddle and getting my sock wet I'm Were you that little kid that ran around naked too?

    Her: Lol, I wasn't the kid that ran around naked. My parents always had me clothed. Naked babies = bad parents & trashy. No offense if that was you growing up. Just sayin

    Hey, and Thanks for the compliments. Its nice to switch up conversations sometimes.

    Lol no, when i said "too" I didn't mean it was me. I agree with you so I'm glad it wasn't you either. I was just checking

    What's your number so we can keep talking elsewhere? I'm gonna put you in my phone as jessica nerdpants and you can put me in yours as... hmm i dont know you have to come up with something and let me know.

    She stops responding here. This was obviously at a bad time because of the whole naked baby thing and I shouldnt have done it yet.

    Me: I know why you didn't respond with your number, its totally cool if you don't have a phone... we can talk using smoke signals or something

    Her: LOL, i have a phone!

    Andddddd we're back!

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    Default Re: Online Field Report In Progess

    i wont lie. i feel like my boy is all grown up. this is such a fun convo. im sure this is going to end with a number a date and if u work ur game right. a fuck close.

    good job and good post example. REP+++
    I live in my reality and you’re a guest


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