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    Default Need a good opener

    There's a girl I wana talk too but I'm not sure how to open the message and I don't really like to use those "I gotta question/ I need help with something" openers. Btw I'm 17 a senior in highschool so this girls in high school too so if u guys could put ur advice into a highschool level for me that would be great. Thanks

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    kickyoface Guest

    Default Re: Need a good opener

    I'm in high school also. I've found that if the girl is in your school and even knows who you are, a simple "Hey " usually works. Then go into 'tell me about yourself/what do you do for fun?'

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    Salaami Guest

    Default Re: Need a good opener

    I'm a sophomore in high school and have had a ton of success in the last year.

    My entire idea about opening a girl for a first time is to first, wait for a solid opportunity, then, take the opportunity. Opinionated openers work only if you are being very indirect with your game, which is in my opinion the worst kind of game you can run. If you are going to be direct, which you by all means should be. Then you should open when you feel like you are going to be effective. This can be in almost any situation, in my high school I've had success opening girls in the middle of class (if they are sitting near me) or in line at a restaurant across the street during lunch.

    The goal of the opener is to make the girl want to talk to you more. If you come off as creepy you are never going to have success. Therefore, the opener should be something that will make her laugh or smile, they don't even have to be things that you can build a conversation off of. My biggest success on openers has always come when I'm hanging out with friends and someone does something that I can point out to people around me (ex: my friend stealing my money). When this kind of thing happens I point it out to whatever girl I want to talk to, listen to her response, and then turn back to my friends for a bit. At the last possible moment turn back to her and introduce yourself and ask for her name, tell her it was nice meeting her and then you have to choose from two options. First, go for the instant lunch date, or second, tell her you will see her later (option two is best if you see her quite a bit around school, option one if you rarely see her).

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    Ridikulus Guest

    Default Re: Need a good opener

    Since you're in the same school, I don't see why you can't make use of teachers, clubs, upcoming events, etc to ask or tell her about. Just be cool with it, the idea is to initate convo, and not make her answer 20 questions at once or know the silent wishes of her heart.

    KISS. Keep it short and sweet.

    "Can you believe they're serving this in the cafeteria?"
    "So, you have Miss So-and-So for History, what's been the highlight of that post for you?"


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