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    Default Texting after a date?

    I went out with a girl yesterday. Late lunch/early dinner, then we went to a student exhibit for awhile to meet up with a bunch of people. Then after that we hung out a little, just one on one. I ended the night with a kiss, and we talked a little bit telling each other to keep in touch and stuff. I ask for "one more for the road", she tells me to text her later, and we leave (her mom was picking her up cause she's visiting her family for the weekend, and I had to run an errand.)

    The thing is we haven't hung out (or even spoken to each other) in months so I don't even know WHAT to text her. I'm comfortable in person but when it comes to text messaging girls (or even guys), I'm kind of awkward about it and never really know what to say to someone. I know for a lot of people it's the other way around but I don't text very much.

    Some pointers for someone in this kinda post-date situation would be great.

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    Default Re: Texting after a date?

    There are dozens of threads on this type thing already. But basically you need to reengage her. So do it with something fun and different. My favorite is Race’s squirrel bit.
    Text her something like “ I just saw the cutest squirrel gathering nuts in the park, reminded me of you J

    The idea is to give her a wtf moment and invoke a response. Give it a try.
    BTW there is a great program out there called b4utxther that is all about text game. I write the reviews and preview products for this site and can I tell you it is by far one of the best products I have seen to date. Check it out.


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