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Thread: New Method

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    Raven Guest

    Default New Method

    Hey guys,

    I found this great way to do a first meeting with a girl from the Internet. First of all, not long ago, I asked Steve Nash (Playboy from The Game), what to do for a first date with a girl you met online. He says not to consider it the first date, he said to consider it the conversation after the approach.

    Now, many may be like "whoa Raven, come on, that sounds a tiny bit AFC" after hearing where I suggest meeting a girl. The thing is, I do recommend Starbucks. But a specific TYPE of Starbucks. Namely, the ones in Barns and Noble. Why?

    First of all, chances are very high the woman goes there, so it's a comfortable location. It's a giant bookstore, so it gives a feeling of freedom, it has that classy charm to it, and there is a lot of conversation built in to it. Since it's busy enough, a girl will feel safer, and you know, bookstores are like video rental places or libraries - many girls fantasize about meeting the love of their life in them. Another added benefit of B&N is, if a girl flakes, hey, you're in a bookstore - try some daygame and enjoy the books and coffee!

    The first thing you do is arrive like, 30 minutes early. The reason is so you can find a book. When you meet the girl, you want her to come into the cafe and find you rummaging through a book, without a coffee. You want to be on the lookout for her (or pay attention to your phone for when she calls to say she's there), so when you see her, beckon her over (lead), but also stand up to greet her. Place your book on the table to claim the table, then say to her "let me buy you a coffee." If she insists on buying her own, I tell her a "few bucks is no big deal." Girls should not see this as AFC, and if you are into traditional/more conservative girls, they will likely be charmed by this and appreciate it. If she really insists, just let her buy her own coffee.

    Anyway, you come back to the table after getting your coffee. I'm not going to tell you step by step how to act over the next 30-40 minutes, but I will say, first of all, the book is a conversation subject. Try to pick something that will intrigue her, that ALSO interests you. I like classic literature, and have found many women really like Jane Austen, so that's an option. Many women also love Alexandre Dumas, and the Count of Monte Cristo is considered by many to be the best novel of all time (you might want to actually buy this - David Deangelo recommends watching the 2002 remake, so maybe there's more to learn from the book). Other books to consider are ones on philosophy, or if you share a religion, a religious book. Many Christian girls like C.S. Lewis - the Screwtape Letters is an excellent book to pick, as many have not read that (most have only read Narnia) and it's also a novel, unlike, say Mere Christianity.

    You want to have 3 or 4 routines to fall back on. There is one I really love, and will do it regardless, and that is the cube. It's magic, plus it's fun. Another I recommend is Strauss's 5 questions game (look it up on YouTube) - also fun, but you might want to save this to bet on something during the first or second date. Because it's only 30-45 minutes tops, you should easily be able to fill the time with conversation. Do not let there be any serious lulls in the conversation, and maintain eye contact. Never look at her boobs, ever, I don't care how low cut her shirt is. When you break eye contact, which is totally normal (only make eye contact 70% of the time, as a rule of thumb), break to the side. Lean back in your chair and/or sit up straight, and never lean in.

    If you like her, ask her if she would like to do something more fun than Starbucks next time, to close out the date.

    One last thing - when you invite the girl to meet you at B&N, you want to say something along the lines of "I am going to B&N on xxxxx, would you care to join me at the cafe there for a coffee?"

    Hope this helps anybody wondering what to do for that first meeting with an online girl. And remember: If the girl lied, and she isn't as pretty as her picture was at all, rather than storming off, consider enjoying coffee and making friends - but don't flirt much, if it all, you don't want to mislead her with your actions, and close it out by saying you don't feel a great connection, but it was nice meeting her. I'm not so good with rejection closes, so if anyone has advice there, let me know.
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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: New Method

    Also, I realize the "method" may not be new. I was just typed in a subject and moved on. I suppose a better subject for this thread would have been "A method for first meeting."

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    Gaara Guest

    Default Re: New Method

    Oh raven what great timing, I was just wondering what to do, I got a girl's number over the net and we have arranged a date for monday, I was thinking a public place like the beach as its always got people strolling up and down. Plenty of restuarants and a friendly enviroment.

    Although this is more of a one time thing, Would it be better to keep the sexual Tension high with Kino (holding hands ect) or more suggestive?

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    chulin Guest

    Default Re: New Method

    solid advice raven ..seems like the location is very friendly n can u dhv on the fact dat u have knowledge on a certain subjects n dat u got no problem being in social/public places. i like the fact of coming early u mite even pu another girl before u meet her.

    as far as ways to let her know u not interested. u could say u r great girl
    [list just a couple of good qualities girl mite have] but say dat u r not for her theres someone whod love to b wit her n u dont want dat person to miss out on her cus of u [got dis from style]

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: New Method

    Sold advice chulin. I'll probably use some version of that henceforth. I do like how the location has easy ways to dhv as you mentioned. It's so perfect. Plus, if a girl doesn't like coffee, and I have run into one, Starbucks has a pretty sizable menu of alternative beverages, so it works in every instance.

    @Gaara - I couldn't really tell you, because my expertise, if it can be called that, is more geared towards pursuing an LTR, rather than a straight-up, one time seduction. When I meet a girl from the Internet, I keep Kino very minimal. I might touch her hand or shoulder a few times, but that's it. On the first date after the meeting, I will go for a hand-hold during venue change (or walk to my car from the first venue) and sometimes even a kiss if tension is there.

    Another thing - whenever meeting a girl from the Inet, just don't expect too much. I also learned you want to set up the next date like, the next day! This is so she has a positive vibe from you fresh in her mind. If she tells me she can't do anything that week, I tell her to call ME back in a week, and I assume that it is her way of rejecting me "softly." It's like the friend zone - I haven't had it happen since I joined these boards though, which is nice.

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    chulin Guest

    Default Re: New Method

    thank raven ..i b learnin a lot from ur advices n comments

    waddap gara
    as far as one time thing ..there r girls who r totally cool wit havin a one time fling ..but u have to calibrate her personality values n wat is it dat she is looking for so u can manage terms ..if shes a more liberal girl who likes to have fun n xplores her sexuality then shell b ok wit it ..if she has more conservative personality n values n is into LTR n feelings then shell more likely not b cool wit it [unless she wants a wild adventure] ..u always gotta calibrate the girl
    u must still connect wit her build comfort if u want things to go forward ..escalate Kino n seduce her according to how far shes willing to go ..regardless of how conservative or liberal girls want to b respected n b sure they wont b judged for her actions
    n remeber to always leave a girl better than how u found her
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