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    Default OKCupid IM success

    I put some new pics on OKCupid up today, and I guess they are good because I had an HB with... the most gigantic chest ever... IM me.

    When she first IM'd me, I glanced at her pic and profile and AFC'd up a bit. She asked how it was going, and I said, "not bad you?" and we wound up getting to a point where we asked each other what was up, and we both said nothing.

    Then there was awkward "silence" for a minute. Then, all of a sudden, my MAN POWERS came to me. I said "well, I am really thirsty, and since you're not busy, you should get me a drink and send it via IM."

    From then on out, it was on. She asked what I wanted, and I told her absynthe. She said she always wanted to try it but didn't have any, and so that lead into a conversation about me going to France where absynthe was invented next summer. I took Nash's advice and didn't ask her any questions until she asked them of me. I kept baiting her in conversations about my travel plans which really interested her, and fashion. When she started asking me questions, I started asking her flirty ones, and teasing her, and the witty banter continued for about 20 minutes, and lo, I AIM and number closed her! I was so proud of myself. I told her she could "text me on the morrow," and I'm sure she will. Unfortunately, we were a 36% match. She is a super liberal and I am pretty much the opposite, but she seemed attracted by that. She was not repulsed at all by my answers, and she is a hardcore feminist - and I was clear I believe the man is in charge. She seemed to... like it, it was odd.

    Anyway, I am so glad I joined these forums and learned from you guys and some of the resources Bill Preston has posted. I would have never done something like this even 2 months ago, I would have AFC'd and crashed and burned. I didn't even care if this girl rejected me, I just had fun and laughed the whole conversation and asserted my own beliefs if they arose, and if she didn't like them then too bad, I didn't care. Well, not caring works. I also learned to have fun on dating sites, I am going to randomly instant message the HB7+'s that actually are close matches to me, it's apparently easier to Number Close via IM and a 15-20 min convo.
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