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    Rye_n_Whiskey. Guest

    Default girl won't qualify herself/shit test

    So this girl has a profile that seems kind of stand offish. so i tried calling her on it being bullsh1t and asking her to tell me about her real self.

    this is what I got

    me: Oh no, I definitely read it. And I think it's pretty cool that you work for bioware(my only guess) and that you listen to some pretty good tunes.

    But all that really tells me is that you're an artist and have decent taste. So tell me what you think makes you think you're awesome as a person

    her: missed the part of it not being local then.


    (I meantioned a guess about where she works (the only video game firm in my city) and misread not local as not logical)

    Any tips on how to pass?
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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: girl won't qualify herself/shit test

    Apologize for getting it wrong, because that's a legitimate thing to apologize for, and tell her you misread it, then move right along. That's what I would do, but it seems like you lost her there. Good luck though bro.

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