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    Default Is there still a chance???? Need help ASAP

    Well I'm new to this forum and even though I know a few of the things one should do and not, I still managed to make some mistakes post first date! Need some advice on what to do or has the opportunity come and gone?

    I met a girl online and we went out for our first date last Sunday. Everything on the date appeared to have gone very well. No awkwardness and no sign of being put in the friend zone at that point.

    However, after the date I made some big mistakes that one should not have made. I texted her about 5 min after the date was over and told her I had a good time and I enjoyed meeting her. She followed that up basically saying the same thing and even said we should get together again soon. I sent one more text agreeing with her and that was it.

    Well over the next few days I continued to text her, but I feel that I may have texted too much or talked too much about hanging out again in the future. I asked for a second date about 2 days after our first and she agreed to it, but I basically didn't give her the opportunity to miss me or think about me, because I made it a point to initiate the contact all the time. Well from the time that I asked her out on a second date her replies have been short one word responses and I'm sensing from her that she is quickly losing interest, if not already gone.

    So when I picked up on her vibe, I quickly started searching the web for advice and found out all the things I had done wrong and how I possibly ruined my chances with this girl. So I didn't talk to her at all on Friday and after she sent me a quick "Merry Christmas" text yesterday I only replied with one text wishing her the same. Hoping that my withdrawal would help undo some of the damage I may have caused by appearing to needy.

    Well today is the day of our second date and I have yet to confirm it with her and I'm honestly not even sure if she still wants to go. It wouldn't surprise me if she just up and cancels on me. So my question is, what should I do now?

    Should I call or text her to ask if we are still on for today or should I call and cancel the date, rescheduling for another time? Or am I already dead in the water???

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    Default Re: Is there still a chance???? Need help ASAP

    well first off u did start acting like a needy AFC. one of the biggest turnoffs for a women is having a needy guy who is always blowing up her phone. im sure the date today isnt happening. so how about you just freeze her out. cause she is expecting you to blow up her phone about wanting to meet up and she is probably going to flake. so by Freezing Her Out until the new year or after the new year you can make a new frame and all that so u can rebuild the attraction.
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