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Thread: Date Anxiety

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    Raven Guest

    Default Date Anxiety

    I have somewhat of a sticking point of sorts. I am dating this HB10 and I really like her, and I do well on dates, but going in I get real bad pre-date anxiety. In fact, I'm dating her in like 30 minutes from now, and it's bad. It's like the worst Approach Anxiety, it only goes away once I get in my "Groove" which takes like 5 minutes, so at first I am a little stiff.

    Do you guys have any tips for dealing with it? Perhaps next date I won't go in so anxious. But I hate being all jittery like this. It wears me out totally, as my heart goes 1000 miles per hour, so it's like doing cardio. It's a mixture of worry and excitement, so it's not purely bad, but I hate it. I want to go into a date comfortably.

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    Default Re: Date Anxiety

    Some of that anxiety is good - it will amp you up. Over time you will become more comfortable and this won't be an issue (ie. as you date more hot women).

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: Date Anxiety

    Yeah, I just got back from it. It went extremely well for a short date. I noticed tonight that she seems to suffer from it as well, which made me feel way better. I felt all anxious all day, then I saw her, and went in the zone, so, I appear to be making progress.

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