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    InNeedoFAdvice Guest

    Default Need some advice for girl I met online (Canada)

    I'm just going to try and make a long-ish story as short as possible and, hopefully after that, one of you guys can give me some advice.

    The Situation:

    I met this chick about three weeks ago online and it took a couple days, but I felt like we built a connection fairly easily. The whole time we spent talking to each other consisted of flirting, playful teasing etc. Basically, we just had fun with it.

    She actually lives in a different province than I do (Yes, I'm Canadian!) so whatever relationship we sort of built over the last few weeks is limited to talking on the phone/texting.

    Unfortunately, a couple days ago she called me and told me that she will no longer be getting online because a relative basically took away her means of doing so. She definitely sounded upset and she sent me texts shortly after using words such as 'heartbroken', 'upset' etc.

    So here's my dilemma:

    It's been nearly two days since she broke the news and I haven't heard from her since. I haven't called or texted her either for multiple reasons (good and bad). Now I'm stuck wondering what I should do.

    The chance of us ever having a real relationship is slim because of the distance between us, but I actually like her and I think, worst case scenario, she could be someone that I could have a good friendship with.

    For the record, I'm not desperate... I can find a girl quite easily. It's just that, I literally haven't felt this way about anyone since I got out of my last serious relationship (which ended with my heart being broken) and the fact that it's someone I met online just makes me want to fight for it even more.


    I don't know what to do at this point, honestly. Should I pursue this? Should I wait a couple more days to see if she contacts me or am I just chasing my tail?

    Hopefully someone can give me some helpful advice.
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    urangeloflove Guest

    Default Re: Need some advice!

    My friend, this is goodnews for you! Why? Well u see, as weird as it seems, women love lots of drama, Tension and suspense in a story. Why do u think they dote on soap operas?
    Well, u suggested a good idea for yourself which tells me u are the boss indeed! Do give her a break for say 2 weeks. Flirt around till then. See it as vacation time and a time to evaluate and be sure of how u feel about her, ok? U ar the man!!!

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    Default Re: Need some advice!

    if you want to talk to her and see what happens you need to act.

    Try some reengaging texts and see what happens.

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    InNeedoFAdvice Guest

    Default Re: Need some advice!

    Thanks for the responses!

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: Need some advice!

    How old is she and you? An ex of mine dated a guy from another state for a long time when they were in high school, years back. Knowing what I do about it, it seems like the distance added "romance" to the equation, so it worked in his favor. However, the time it took to drive, the time he spent talking to her online and all probably was not worth it. I hated going on long trips when I wasn't single because I could not even kiss a girl I met, it can be torture, so I couldn't imagine such a long distance relationship being enjoyable. The girl I like the most lives a little over 30 minutes from me, and that's bad enough. So, you might want to factor these issues in, but if you really like her, and can stand not being away from her, go for it.

    One thing you absolutely need to do is MEET her in person, before being exclusive with her in any way, shape, or form. Also, you need to be honest with her about you dating other girls when you do, to keep the whole thing honest and open/

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    ajewish Guest

    Default Re: Need some advice!

    Please try to get her in confidence and do something for her where she get impressed.


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