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    JoVa Guest

    Default New yearsday texting


    I'm kinda new to this all and before i ask my question i want to say a happy new year to all of you and may all of ur lovelifes be as great or even better then they where last year. Ive been going tru these topics lately and a lot of hints and tips actually helped me out getting a couple of numbers last night.
    Thanks a lot for all this info.

    I had a little bit of funtalk with one particular girl and her friends last night wich i never met before. In the end she gave me her number and today i started a first text sending her way:

    ME : Here i am...what are you other 2 wishes ? (got this one onhere)

    She immediatly replied with :

    HER: My other 2 wishes ? xxxx

    I didn't want to reply on that straight away since i wanna go slow and take care of this i left it a bit. But only 3min later to receive another text from her saying:

    HER: I'm sorry but i'm a bit slow of understanding stuff today...that actually happens on a lot of days xxxx

    As i do not wanna rush anything, i haven't replied on that aswell atm. I kinda think she's waiting for response it better to leave it for like a day and reply her tommorow ? Or should i go on straight away ?

    Also what kind of response can i send on that as i don't wanna sound to serious from the start.

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    Default Re: New yearsday texting

    well actually its good just to do it after like an hour or however long it takes her. if she takes an hour do the same. but if she is replying immediately i would go with about 10 minute replies. so since u wrote this at 9 this morning u can go ahead and already reply. if she keeps replying immediately i would reply after about 5-10
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    JoVa Guest

    Default Re: New yearsday texting

    Update on how this is going...

    Weve been texting back and forth some parts of the weekend.
    Ive been replying most of the time being slightly funny (or attleast trying ) flirty and revoking an answer. That worked out pretty well, i think, since she's been pretty social and telling me a bit of herself (what kind of music she likes etc.).
    I wanna ask her out soon but still i got the feeling that this is to soon and if we continue like this, i might end up in the FRIEND-zone...for some moments i try to hold and wait with a response to her for like a halfhour and i kinda ended our convo last night with no response and her being curious (i know she was coz she started texting this morning...)
    I do have the feeling that she's intrested altho she does not ask a lot herself...

    What do you guys think about this ?
    Is it to soon to start about a possible date and at some point, this texting stuff can be too much for her aswell i reckon ?

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