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    bbqribs Guest

    Default 2 Months and counting

    I need help with a girl who is a bigger mystery than any I've met so far, though I am sure there are lots to come!

    First, let me assure you I am not putting my game on hold for her, though I would like to make her my girlfriend in the future.

    Also, keep in mind she is 16 years old. (I'm pretty young too) and still in high school.

    I was introduced via a friend to this girl, call her May, through text about 2 months ago. At first we were just talking to get to know each other with the idea that maybe we would hang out sometime (honestly I wasn't expecting anything to come out of it). Then we noticed that we had a lot in common and really fell quickly for each other. (this was probably a mistake on my part, but at this point I want to move forward and forget the past)

    After about 10 days of talking through text we started talking about hanging out. We also started sexting at this point. It was Thanksgiving and I asked her to come over for dinner with my family. She said it was a bad time and I asked how many days she needed and she said 4.

    After 4 days I began trying to set up a date with her with little luck. She wouldn't set a date and time, just "maybe"s and "idk"s. Anytime we were going to hang out something always came up on her end. It seemed like she had a lot of excuses to me.

    This has been going on for 2 months now. There was one night where I went to her marching band parade, though I surprised her and she didn't know I was coming. And one day her friend hung out with us and another boy kinda like a double date for a few hours. those are the only two times I've seen her.

    I thought I was just a back up boy but I don't think so because all of her friends I've met keep telling me how much she likes me. She also texts me anytime she is not at school or asleep so she wouldn't have any time for anyone else.

    I want to at least hook up with her if not start seeing her on a regular basis. What do I say over text to make her really want to set a date and follow through with it?

    Thank you!

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    culturedpearls Guest

    Default Re: 2 Months and counting

    Patience is a virtue. And I think, this girl has started thinking and feeling you do not see her as virtuous so she's resisting. Maybe she's regretting all the sexting (she could really like you and think all the sexting was a bad way to start what she wants with you, a relationship). Maybe she's told her friends and gotten some discouragement and you've been cockblocked without you knowing it.

    Anyway hemingway, I say back off for a while and let her lead. Or pretend/find something that will occupy you for several days and tell her you can't text/call/hang out till after. Let her miss you. Then, when you start texting and calling again, try setting dates w/ a group. See if she's more comfortable with that. You can still get some alone time taking her home. But don't bring up the topic of sex till she's showed some serious IOIs and stopped flaking on you. Let her get comfortable first.


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