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    bp_patriot Guest

    Default Critique this text chain please

    Hey guys yeah I am new to these forums but not too new to pick-up etc. Anyway, I've hung out with this girl twice as a group since I know her best friend, got her # and just recently started texting her. I just want you to critique this text convo. I had with her. I'm trying to mainly build attraction and comfort before I ask her on a date. Thanks.

    Me: So I looked outside today and im thinking ripped jenes won't suffice
    Her: Hahah nooo def not todayy!
    Me: Wow coming from miss ripped jenes herself ha
    Her: I know, ive learned my lesson! and today is not the day for them
    Me: Yeah but they are my favorite! I wear them too often on days like these (I felt like rewarding her since I had harassed her lightly)
    Her: You should be wearing sweatpants
    Me: Ha ha true but I have 0 sweat pants
    Her: 0! Whaaat. How do you not have a single pair of sweats?!
    Me: Well.. one day I was camping, and a bear took my only pair of sweat pants along with some food. To this day i have not found another worthy pair.
    Her: Those damn bearss
    Me: Ha ha dam you didnt fall for my incredible story!
    Her: I just dont know what use sweats would have for bears lol its pretty tragic tho
    Me: Its that irish intuition that saw right through it. You've convinced me, the next pair i get will be Miami Dolphin sweats (Was trying to get her mad at that since I think she likes Buffalo)
    Her: Hahah whatever works for yah..I have like 87 pairs
    Me: 87!? I dont want to know how many pairs of shoes you have lol
    Her: Not literally 87 lol but alot..i have like 3 shoes lol
    Me: Thats suprising. ill ttyl i have a friends bday party to attend shes turning 21. Watch out for them bears! (Didn't feel the convo. was going anywhere and wanted to end on a seemingly high note)
    Her: Haha alrightyy (:

    So if experts could give me advice and what I could have done better/improved upon that'd be awesome. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Critique this text chain please

    Your text game was great, not boring at all. I agree with you on the decision to get out on the high note since it wasnt building momentum. She would never take your bait. Thats not your fault. I have to say i laughed though when she just said "those damn bears". I'm not going to tell you what to say next because I think you will do fine. Just try again. Some girls are a little slow to pick up on fun lol

    Am I right to assume this girl is young?

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    Default Re: Critique this text chain please

    sweat pants and bears, this convo wasnt going far, I see the playfulness but there was no cocky and funny , no sexual Tension, no future pacing did not move the relationship forward with this, its great that you ended it on a seemingly high note, all is not lost
    "Give her the gift of missing you" david d

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    bp_patriot Guest

    Default Re: Critique this text chain please

    Yes she is relatively young lol.

    And to virus: I kinda wanted to hold off on sexual Tension since she kinda had something unfortunate happen... But I guess I could step up the C/F a lot. Ty for the tips!

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    trainer1 Guest

    Default Re: Critique this text chain please

    Ok, so what would adding sexual Tension to this be ? What does that look like ?

    I have a lady who we text ALOT and have fun stuff like this. NOW, I do see her often at work and met her out 2x. Use stuff like the above to keep it fun and playful to keep the connection.

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