hello there PUAs, it being 2011 & all i think it's about time i brush up on the single aspect of my game i feel truly lost with - text 'game' (don't get me wrong i have other flaws but they're not as consistant as this).

note: i apologise for the length of this post but i'd rather be thorough than vague.

firstly, i Number Close with ease, i don't run a set 'game' or anything i simply have the gift of the gab so getting a HB's number is never a problem (though i do think i need to build more comfort in the HB when number closing), it's what i do after that is. my text 'game' is stagnant; i re-read my texts & it's simply. . . not me, the flow i have in person is gone.

i get responses to texts i send but i fail to get to the point where a HB initiates consistantly, & that's the thing my ego is really craving. i can often stumble to a meet up & get a female back on side face-to-face but i have a void, & that's being showered with attention via text.

i come to you @ this time because i number closed a girl @ work (retail store) yesterday (unfortunately it was my last day on the job for a month - university commitments); anyway, saw her on the shopfloor & spoke to her. . . "you should let me take you to *bar name*", she got a big smile & visibly was pleased with the proposal; i then attempted to number close but she said she didn't know here number off the top of her head so i was to wait for her after work; i thought it was a blow off so didn't bother waiting after shift, went down to the locker rooms & when i was about to leave she came up to me with a scrunched up piece of paper with her number on it. being new years eve everybody was leaving @ the same time so exiting the locker room was bottleneck so we conversed for a few; she had to get her bag checked (store policy for all bags upon exit) & i had to sign out, so when walking out she yelled 'bye!' at me; i thought the conversation had just dissipated but she wanted an overt goodbye obviously, so i obliged in kind & said 'oh sorry, see ya!".

about 15minutes after the exchange i fired off a cheeky text. . .

me: hey *nickname*, just texting you to make sure your phone works, it being ancient & all. (after handing me the piece of paper with her number on, i caught a glimpse @ her phone & neg'd her about it because it's so old)
hb: oh whatevaaa...x
me: wow it does work! & thanks for for the kiss btw, tad overdone but. . . (she 'kissed' the piece of paper with her number on leaving her lip print)
hb: it's my personal stamp...x
me: your stamp took up more space than your number
no response.

don't ask me why i replied as i did; i have the habit of replying the first thing that comes to mind; i see the mistake before i make it but i still do anyway, i was happy with the exchange & had drinking to do so left it.

thought i'd ensure she was still onside today so. . .

me: Happy New Year *nickname*, did you do it big?
hb: yea, it was nuts...x
waited about an hour
me: i can only imagine how nuts you got. up to much tonight?
hb: bed
me: i might have to join you on that one, i'm falling asleep @ the dinner table here.
half an hour or so later
hb: hahahaha; i'm sooooooo lazy today. what did you get up to last night?
me: plans fell through so ended up going to a pub my aunt works @. free booze + family = i can't complain. (feel this may have devalued me socially somewhat but the family part seemed like a winner)
hb: that's what it's about, spending time with the family...x
me: awwwww, you're a sweetheart really; more netto than ghetto. so any resolutions this year? (netto/ghetto reference is in relation to some comments made during yesterdays brief interaction in the locker room)
no response, been about 3 hours.

i'm not too sad that the texts ended there, if she had replied i feel there is the potential i would have fell back into stagnant mode.

now there are certain parts of that conversation i really like & others not so much; socially @ work i'm quite well known so my stock has some value with her already; i could just do with some critiquing on how to get her to initiate? she has said she's tired (bed reference) so is it conceivable she will simply reply tomorrow? & what should i do if she doesn't?

PUAs i feel like i've made a solid start, but i work better with a plan so where do i go from here?