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    Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Guest

    Default Am i being given the run around?

    I was briefly involved with this girl almost a year ago, it never got serious and she moved cities. I recently found out, Via facebook, that she has moved back. We have messaged about catching up and she even called me at mid night new years. However I am quite lost as she has a tendency to not reply to my messages sometimes, and rarely, if ever, answer my calls.

    I haven't contacted her since the weekend and she hasn't bothered to contact me. If anyone has any suggestions or advice i'd quite like some input as at the moment my plan is to "wait her out" but I get the feeling now that if i'm not proactive all I'll ever do is wait for her.


    The Rat.

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: Am i being given the run around?

    When a woman rarely answers your calls or messages, it's a sign she is what some guru's would call a "toxic" woman. She clearly lacks character and integrity, as anyone with integrity would not simply ignore someone. If she is playing hard to get, well, that got old in 5th grade. I would say your hunch is correct - she is giving you the run around. I am not saying she is not interested in you, she may well be, but at any rate, she is playing games (red flag - game players tend to KEEP PLAYING GAMES even after a relationship is established - they like to psychologically MANIPULATE mates and potential mates), and lacks integrity. Anything a woman should not accept from you, you should not accept from a woman.


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