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    Default Met a girl at the club - now what?

    Hey guys, brand new member here. This seemed like a good place to go with this sort of issue. Unfamiliar with all the techniques and lingo on here, but it seems like there's some interesting stuff.

    I'm 21 living at a big university. I met this girl(19) at the club Friday night, and we hit it off pretty quickly (dancing all night, flirting, exchanged numbers). I'm not used to doing this sort of thing (I've recently decided to try expanding my social horizon), but I feel like I handled it pretty well. I kept the mood fun and the flirting was going all night. Towards the end of the night I'm asking what she and her friends are up to after this, and she tells how she has to get home since she works in the morning.

    (If I screwed anything up, this is where it happened.)

    I did a whole "awww no way c'mon we should hang out back at my place for a bit, I live a block away (which I do), we can walk there." Whoops.

    Anyways, I dropped that after about a minute of jokingly saying how she was missing out or whatever, but "alright, that's it we're hanging out tomorrow."

    Whoops again. I don't know anything about the techniques on here, but I realize that is pushy, and I probably wouldn't have been so forward about it sober-minded (although it definitely made approaching this girl on the dance floor easier, she is smoking hot lol).

    Either way, I don't think that situation affected anything too much. Like I said, I kept a smile on her face all night and it was obviously there was a mutual physical attraction. When we were all leaving, she made sure she had my last name so she could add me on facebook, gave me a hug goodbye and told me to text her. Suweet.

    I sent her a short text on my walk home:
    "Hanging out tomorrow you're obligated now lol. Glad we met "

    (Whoops again with the pressure to hang out.)

    About an hour later I get a response:
    "I'm glad we met t"

    So the next day, I'm sitting here going ahhh when should I text her, so I just said f*** it, if she was into me I'll at least get a response, right? (Probably too soon again, so big fail at me not appearing needy, I know.)

    So around 6pm (Saturday) I send the message:
    "What's up my dubsteppin amiga how are you how was the marathon burrito making session lol" (We were at a dubstep music show and she mentioned having to work an 8 hour shift at a burrito place that day).

    No response, damn. "Oh well" I think. Then about 2 hours later, I get a friend request from her on facebook. Huh? So later that night I accept it. Well now I'm in strange territory, I think.

    What's my move? It's now Monday night. We met Friday, and I texted her Saturday.

    Do I just flat out call her? That seems strong to me I guess, since we really only had one drunken encounter, and I know I'm more able to be witty in a text message than over the phone. Do I text her? Facebook message her? Do I pretend I never texted her the first time, or do I bring it up?

    I had a message typed up to send her on Facebook tonight, but I realized that maybe texting was a better route. Being new at this, I figured that I may as well consult people who know what they're talking about before I pull the trigger on my second attempt at communication.

    It was going to go something like this:

    "Hey xxxxxx what's up? Had fun Friday night, wanted to see what you're up to this weekend? I would say we should meet up and go out again, but I could understand if you're too scared of getting schooled on the dance floor a second time. If not, how about grabbing some lunch Friday?"

    Seemed appropriate to me. But then I was like ehhh facebook? Waited the right amount of time? Maybe I should text, or call, or reword my message, so here I landed.

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    Default Re: Met a girl at the club - now what?

    well im pretty sure u figured out where u messed up. i mean having fun trying to convince her to continue to hang out was fine. just dont get a frame that u will beg or anything like that. then just peace out with number in hand go home and pass out.

    next u shouldnt have text her so quickly saying u had fun. of course u had fun, if she wasnt fun you wouldnt have stayed and kept hanging out. so u dont have to seem like a high school chump.

    next, texting her the next day was fine if u didnt text the night u got the number. i would have just waited until like sunday to talk to build rapport so that when u do go for the date later in the week she wont feel so wierd saying yes.

    i would suggest waiting until like tuesday or wednesday to text her. if she works at a restaurant burrito place like chipotle, if you text her around 9 that should be good. she is either off or is getting off soon. so send a text around 8-9 p.m.

    but ill give u kudos. you message was fun, different, playful and flirty. it only lacked on compelling her to respond. maybe if you said "Hola dubsteppin amiga. oh my gosh i just remembered what actress you remind me of, you would never ever guess it!! lol :P"
    when she responds politely tease her then give her ur real answer "holy hell. u remind me of snookie from jersey shore. lol" she will probably aks how the hell does she remind u of snookie. just say u were playing around basically then say something like "u remind me of that girl from man vs food that made that humungous burrito that looked like it ate several other burritos :P"

    so far ur doing ok and can come back from it. check out some of my posts on text game cause u will get some great ideas on text game and how to stand out
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    Turbo Guest

    Default Re: Met a girl at the club - now what?

    I would make small talk on wednesday, but wait until friday to hit her up with plans for the night. Like 'Hey party at _____ get some friends together lets go.' or 'Going to the club again you should come.'

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    Default Re: Met a girl at the club - now what?

    would it not have been appropriate to make her orgasm in the conventional way

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