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    Default Closing in on a HB 9

    Sup guys. I froze out a girl a few weeks back, and I started texting her again. I know for sure she's into me, I just don't know how to make more moves...

    So how and when do I call her? Do I do it randomly or what?

    When i call her for the first time do I ask her out on a date? Or wait for the next time?

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    Default Re: Closing in on a HB 9

    well if your done Freezing Her Out, now would be the time to call her. you could do it randomly or use something hey, you wont believe this i just saw your twin and figured id call to let you know(back me up on this one, not sure how good it is). then if you wanna ask her out u should probably do it on that call aslong as you already built rapport with her during the texting. if not i would try to build the rapport thru texting first and then go for the gold with the call.

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