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    Default Re: Freeze out and Day2 Issue - Urgent Suggestion

    well first off. DAMN JBARDU!!!! u text better than me now. holy shit bro. u are a beast at this. haha

    ok well u guys have covered some pretty good bases on this one. but i started noticing some thing u guys might not be thinking about. i mean she is new here and has a new job still probably settling in. if your going to freeze her out it has to be longer than just 3 days. u need to make it like almost a full week to week and a half. i would push it off until next weekend. that way when she has free time she will more than likely think about you and wonder why not not texting like all the other times. its true. u texted her too often and come off as a little needy. it doesnt really matter what you say when u text that often. its like if u enter a bar and immediately go up to the hottest girls in the bar and talk to them. you could say "hey thats sweater is fabulous and i love butt sex." she will think ur hitting on her. cause why would she be the first person u talk to and say something like that. so u frequency of text was too often.

    now building rapport thru text is fun playful and not very hard. there are some ways to build unconcious rapport by mirroring her. this could be from putting haha instead of lol of hehe instead of lol. putting a full smile with a nose instead of forgetting the noise. by mirroring her ur unconciously letting her brain know u guys are alike and that will make her a little more attracted. now other ways of building fun rapport is my favorite. roleplaying. that stuff is the shit. it litterally makes up events but she actually starts to feel they are real. the human brain sometimes has trouble distinguishing between real and fake memories. just like when u have deja vu. you left and right brain experience a different reaction to an event and u feel like u have seen it before even though you havent. so u definitely want to introduce roleplaying. i have lots of posts on text game check it out.

    but the biggest thing i can give to this post is just like bardu said. u want her to have fun, adopt your frame and be a part of ur frame because it is fun and playful. whenever ur life is boring a girl wont want a piece of that. so just make a lifestyle fun, active and playful and she will definitely adopt ur frame.

    im sure i forgot some things. but i have had about 16 shots and played 8 games of beer pong. im kind of fucked up. if i misspelled anything im sure u guys can figure it out. if not than im a pro at doing this shit....holllaaaaa!! !! haha and good night lol
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    culturedpearls Guest

    Default Re: Freeze out and Day2 Issue - Urgent Suggestion

    jbardu87... love the convo man!

    knight... i'm with jbardu87. If you had ended on a high note with the girl, the aliens thing would be ok. But since you didn't, you do have to establish some rapport first by getting her to talk. Have a dilemma you'd appreciate her opinions on.

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: Freeze out and Day2 Issue - Urgent Suggestion

    Here's my two cents -

    #1 - I wouldn't put in a false time constraint with a girl on a phone call, to be honest. I have had girls ramble to me for like 2 hours, and I had a lot of fun making them laugh and not want me to hang up. Some guys would call this a time waste, but, I had darn good fun. I think the fact that I listened to my GF for a few hours and joked around with her on the phone a few times a week after we met was a big reason she fell for me. If you are not good with phone game, I HIGHLY recommend you take improv comedy classes - it'll help your conversation skills all around and make you funnier. Also, remember to tell interesting stories, and talk at a normal pace.

    #2: Never be interested in a K or F close on a first date. What happens on a first date depends on what she wants, so don't set goals inside of her boundries. Also, start small. Your goal now should just be to re-engage her. Then set up a first date. Any decent date will end with a K close anyway. Being interested in an F close will generally cause neediness, I never went into a date with the goal of anything outside of escalating. My goal was always escalating, in and of itself, and not to pass up an opportunity to successfully escalate.

    #3: Seek wide rapport with this girl. You really need to get some solid rapport established, and not seem like such a stranger. Tell her about yourself a little (a story, interesting fact, what you do, etc) then ask her about herself.

    #4: Screen. Know what you want in a woman, and be prepared to have to actually reject her if need be.

    #5: Take an interest in her as a person. Your abundance of texts and interested in a first date F close (not saying I was never interested in sex, but I didn't make F closes a goal) telegraphs that you are probably more motivated by lust than interest in her as a person. She sounds like she could be really interesting, being new to the city and having a brand new career. You might want to learn more about where she's from, and what her passions are.

    #6 - I agree with Crob on the Freeze Out time. Although, whenever I did this to a girl, I had met a few women by the time I was ready to text her again, so I didn't bother re-engaging her.

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    knight_gt Guest

    Default Re: Freeze out and Day2 Issue - Urgent Suggestion

    Hey guys...thanks for the great reply. Well as I mentioned earlier, the last interaction was on Monday and then I started this Freeze-Out. Well I waited for like FIVE days and then I called her up today in the afternoon (sunday). This is wat happened:
    Well she picked up the phone but right from the start she said that I have been crazy busy and I know its Sunday but I have a lot work to do for Monday. I told her that I have been crazy busy myself and its been around a week since our last conversation so I wanted to talk to her. Then I asked her that whats a good time to talk to her. She was like I dont know and I have to go now. So I said alrite then and hung up.

    To me it seems like I have farkED UP a big time. Do you think that is there any other way that I can win the situation? I m guessing that I have lost the battle here.

    PS: I am new to this forum and this is my very first thread so I accidentally also posted the same thing in other section. Spare me for the inconvinience

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    Default Re: Freeze out and Day2 Issue - Urgent Suggestion

    Honestly I think its done. It goes back to the initial setup. You did great by number closing and even had a couple of good texts going. But As your stroy went I was like "Wait... hes sending these many text messages in this short amount of time without too many ioi's in return?"

    Granted she is adjusting to her new life, but no woman would show such disinterest in a guy she WANTS. You could tell by her responses that she lost interest. Basically you came off as a confident dude by getting the number and engaging....but quickly lost all of that when you became needy, panicked and shut her out, then try to re-engage her in a unconfident manner.

    The Freeze Out didnt work and your re-engagement seemed like it lacked confidence (by having the convo go into validation which you were the one seeking least thats what it seemed like). I think the major problem is that you tried to seem like you weren't needy, but it still came off as so. Perhaps some inner game is necessary to be more confident. You just need to work on genuinely having some things be on your terms rather than playing games to seem more confident and then coming off as a AFC when you do engage her.

    I kinda be a little harsh and straightforward here.....but just pointing out some things that i see that can use some fine tuning...some holes in your followup game.

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