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    crown_king Guest

    Default What should I do next with girl I met on the bus?

    I met a girl HB7.5 six to seven months ago in the bus and I just had general conversation with her. I think, may be, she started taking interest in me. I did not ask for her number not did she. We met 7 to 8 times in the bus and she always liked to sit next to me, and like to share her daily life things. Then after that I never saw her again. I though she might have moved from the town. Today (in the morning) I saw her again on the stop. She came to me and started the conversation, it was just a general conversation and she told which places she visited in the last six months, and like that. Again she sat next to me in the bus, asked about me and said "she thought I have moved to some other place". We exchanged the numbers. I neither called her back nor text her yet! What should be my next move? I know I F*****up my last game, with HB9.5/10. But here I don't want to make any blunder again. I am totally new to this game, also I am not interested in that chick, just want to improve my gaming skills on her. Should I text her or call her tomorrow? If not then after how many days? Everyone told me that I were creepy last time. I don't want to do it again! I am cocky but I'm not funny, as I said I'm new to this game. Need your advice how should I proceed!

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    Martano Guest

    Default Re: What should I do next?

    Just be natural call her. Tell her that she seems pretty cool, talk about what you would normally talk about and that you should go for a coffee or something so you can get to know her properly. Give her two options, like say .
    I'm free wednesday morning or friday afternoon that increases your chances of her agreeing. As opposed to you saying what about monday morning, she's busy then you say another time making you look AFC

    Don't beat around the bush this time though, months of pestering won't get you this girl. Although I'm not saying get on one knee and propose to her. But make sure your interaction has direction and that everything you do gets you closer to that goal. Even if she's not interested by the end of it all. At least you won't have freaked her out. That my friend, is progress. It's one step at a time from here on in.

    Keep practising, listen to the experienced guys on here as well as reading new literature on pick up. That's the only way we can all improve.

    I hope this was of help man.

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    crown_king Guest

    Default Re: What should I do next?

    @Martano: Thanks for your advice!

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    Martano Guest

    Default Re: What should I do next?

    Remember it doesn't have to be coffee. If you know something interesting that's going on in your area. like a festival, show or whatever else. The coffee was just an example. Nothing serious like dinner something light hearted where you can have a good conversation. If you can think of someplace fun, then that would be ideal!

    I hope this goes well man.


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