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Thread: Any hope?

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    Default Any hope?

    I'll try and make this short.
    Were both 17.

    A month ago I went to a party and met this HB8 but she was with her boyfriend. A couple weeks ago I went to another party and she was there and newly single. We got drunk and she was defiantly feeling me and told me to put her number in my phone. The next day I txt'd her and got no response for three days but she claimed that her phone was farked up.

    We made plans to hangout and when we did it was really awkward, I believe it was mostly my fault but I was trying to get conversation going by asking very open ended questions and I'd get sh1t for responses (something I know I have to work on). After I dropped her off and she hugged me when she said goodbye and like 20 minutes later she txt'd "sorry that was so awkward.." I didn't respond but talked to her the next day. All last week we kinda txt'd back and fourth but I was pretty busy so I unintentionally came off as boring/dull/uninteresting/needy and she'd stop responding after awhile. Last weekend though I came across these forums and learned a bit and decided to get a good text game going and she did the same stop mid conversation, which surprised me cause it was very good.

    I stopped talking to her for two days now and shes said nothing, now I don't know what to do, I feel like I can get one more chance to redeem myself by either partying or hanging out with her again.

    I just don't know what to say...

    Also were the same height and at the party where she was single she had slippers on while I had only socks on, she thought that she was taller then me and said at least twice "I wish you were taller." Then when we hung out our height was brought up again and she said "I'm like a mile taller then you" but we are defiantly the same height.

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    Default Re: Any hope?

    I feel ya dude. Ive fucked up with so many girls in my 17 years that God has givenme so far, all thats done is help me learn, andget over my fear of rejection. I still fail alot, but thats how you learn dude. If worst comes to worst move on, and geta hotter HB

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