This is something I feel I had to write. I went through it, my friends went through it, and tons of guys post on it every year. It’s always titled the same thing, “how do I get my girlfriend back”, “how do I win her back”, “should I move on? She dumped me”. Because I’ve had easy breakups, bad breakups and ugly breakups, I just couldn’t pass by on the forums anymore without addressing this. So now, guys who have that motive to get their girlfriend back or don’t know what to do can turn to this.
Relationships are hard, so many contingencies. Two growing and changing people, if they don’t do that together, there goes the relationship. This is only one contingency. Of course there’s too many to list. The idea here is that, relationships are hard, they’re work, divorce rates are at an all time high and going higher by the year. It seems that society is leaving the monogamy lifestyle and moving to a polygamist view.
On to the guys who cry, bitch, moan and act like a pussy when their girlfriend dumps them. I’ve been there. I acted like that. It didn’t help. Everyone that tells you to cry and let it out, fuck them, they’re gay. Learn to be a man. Crying isn’t going to get you the girl back, feeling sorry for yourself won’t do it either.
“Who’s fault was it?” How many times have you heard this? Does it really matter? If you fucked up, you cheated, you lied, you kicked her cat when she wasn’t looking, it doesn’t matter. Please for God’s sake, look at what matters, the two people in that relationship. Were they compatible? Truly look at who you are and then look at who she is and answer it honestly. Could that really work out or are you just wishing it can?
Let go of the idea that you have control. I had a “guru” tell me once I should blame myself because it was my fault. I expanded that thinking to believe I could control entire people. Like just because I learned some seduction techniques all of a sudden I had magical powers that could force people into doing things I wanted, or make situations turn out in my favor. You’re not Jesus you don’t have that ability so don’t think you can “make” a relationship work.
If she cheated on you, I’m telling you right now, if you take that girl back, you are more stupid than that fat bitch who fell through a glass table while dancing, on youtube. About a year ago, me and some girls I grew up with where playing some drinking games, like the game I never ever, I made the statement, “I never ever cheated on someone”. Eight out of ten girls drank. They all laughed and I learned a lesson. All these girls, I thought were “good girls” apparently were not. Neighbors, close friends, girls I’ve known for 20 years. Terrible!
When should you try and get your girlfriend back? If you can deal with it, go for it. Just don’t bitch about it. She broke up because she had issues, I say, “fuck her”. I also love how there are so many different “relationship coaches”. I’ve met two that were divorced. That’s fantastic. These guys giving married couples advice can you imagine?
Think about all the pick up gurus that have dysfunctional relationships. Attraction and Seduction is one thing. But a relationship is a whole other level.
All of this being said, I’ve had several relationships, were if I didn’t know the techniques and concepts I’ve learned here, it would have never have lasted nearly as long. This was just me being manipulative. Yes I can be very manipulative and so can probably many of you also.
*Although I am not married, my very good friend who is not in the community once told me, “women break it off because of one reason, integrity”. If you hold your integrity you have nothing to worry about or be ashamed of. If she doesn’t have the integrity to make a relationship work, you don’t want to be around her.