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    Default Don't Understand, quick analysis please.

    So this girl has flaked out on me, everytime i've invited her out. So as of late, she missed a week of class, so i was setting up a study session.

    So she told me on wednesday i need to meet her thursday, so to appear less AFC. I told her Tomorrow's not good for me.

    her : Friday??? Please I'll love you forever.
    me: What time?
    her: Any time on friday... I'm home...I crashed on Sat so my car comes out of the shop today.
    me: i'm never going anywhere with you, your driving must be rough.
    her: What time are we meeting on Friday?
    Me : After 5:30.

    Friday no show, and she was droppin the class, because she didn't get her car back. So i told her i'll ttyl, i just got to the gun range.


    I told her the exam was moved til later in the week. She had just got her car on sat, so she was glad it was just review. So i told her there was a study group sunday, so she said to let her know.


    me: U want to try meet up?
    her: I'm in gainesville babe.
    me: Nice party up there?
    her: No babe with my family
    me: K have fun vieja.
    her: Besides i dropped the class.
    me: No worries i did the same wit trig.
    her: Did u?? Why
    me I missed early orientation, and i hate online. U ok after the accident?
    her: Haha poor baby...but i do want to see hang out...yeah i had bruises but i'm ok.
    so i'm thinking it's the same ol bs, her jus bein nice, but her wanting to hang out threw me off, due to the fact i was trying to help her meet up with our study group so she could catch up.
    So her ex boyfriend was real jealous, she couldn't go places by herself, she couldn't wear dresses.
    So i said in reply to her wanting to hang out.
    me: ya we'll do something, i'll even let you walk thru the mall by yourself and wear a dress.
    her: haha when
    me: wednesday?
    her: Is a mall date lol.
    me: ya

    So i'm confused do you think she really wants to hang out, and what made her say all of a sudden say she wants to see me, even though she has flaked before?

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    Default Re: Don't Understand, quick analysis please.

    she's giving you a chance to show dhv.

    quick advice, don't be the last to message. the "ya" at the end was more than enough

    make sure you CALL her on wednesday to see where you are meeting up (as if its obvious that you're meeting up) and if she flakes tell her she's playing games with the wrong person and that it was a pleasure, but bye -- just like that.

    If she meets up with you, be really comfortable. Picture places where you are comfortable (watching football with the buddies drinking beer?) and adapt postures you'd have or conversations you'd be into. Obviously adapt them to this lady. Lead most of the conversation but let her talk. Meaning have her wanting to spit her heart out at you. For that you need to look at cues. She'll give em to you. Things she wants to talk about. The key is to say something witty about it first and then let her talk about it. Don't just ask her questions.

    THat's my two cents mate, gl

    ps- its obvious that you need to be dressed super clean. not necessarily to impress but you need to have a fresh look to ya. Clean your face, brush your teeth, your tounge and floss. Do something cool with your hair. Minimal cologne, you don't want to overwhelm

    if she says "you smell good"
    reply "no I don't, you're just attracted to me"
    Remember my name lady, you'll be screaming it later.

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