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    bp_patriot Guest

    Default Need advice Please

    So I met up with this girl that I have known for a while through a mutual friend. We were at a bar, both drunk, and made out that night. A few days later I talked to her on fb and she brought this up. I want to know what you guys think this means. Thanks.

    Me: some small talk about how drunk we were
    Her: i forgot we made out LOL i didnt really realize what we had just done until after the fact hahaha
    Me: kinda disappointed you forgot though
    Her: lol im kidding i didnt really forgetit just happened so fast i wasnt expecting it
    Me: im unexpected like that what can I say lol
    Her: lol yeahh all good

    What exactly does she mean? Did she regret it/not want it or what? I'm not sure how to read this. I know she thinks i'm hot but what does this mean? Thanks.

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    Howdy Guest

    Default Re: Need advice Please

    It means neither, stop overanalyzing stuff.

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    Default Re: Need advice Please

    If she regretted it she would have either
    -brought it up and said she was embarrassed
    -said it was a bad idea

    Now I dont know the context of your relationship, but she is not sorry about doing it.

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    fantasy_ckr Guest

    Default Re: Need advice Please

    Girls like mystery and ownership. Keep the game of being coy and you and her are a "dirty little secret" and you will close.

    Good Luck

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    bp_patriot Guest

    Default Re: Need advice Please

    Alright thanks for the advice guys. I'm still not sure exactly why she bring ths up randomly but i'll find out lol.


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