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    wermz Guest

    Default how to get rid of a girl

    theres this girl who i tried to pick up...well i kinda made it..we made out and exchanged phone numbers and added each other to facebook...we met again a couple of times in parties we went on and made out..i took her to my place and we didnt have sex or sumthing because she stopped me no metter what i i figured out i better stop seeing her,
    now thats where my question enters; how should i stop seeing her? we still gonna see each other in parties and such and i cant really sarge where shes around because of my conscience...i just gotta make her know that im seeing other girls in the easiest way.. i know im a pussy but iv never had any girlfriends and never had breakups or so..

    help me guys !

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    andyyang Guest

    Default Re: how to get rid of a girl

    There's a couple things you can do:

    1) Be blunt with her and tell her that you should stop seeing each other. OR
    2) Leave things up in the air.

    I ALWAYS prefer to leave things up in the air for a few reasons:

    From the sound of it, you and her are not official, so you don't really need to "break up" with her. It seems like you guys hooked up a few times but never took it further. This to me does not warrant "the talk."

    If you are blunt with her, it might make things a little awkward since you were never really official with her. Also, why not sarge other girls with her around? If you and her were never really official, your conscience should not even come into play. Why define something that hasn't been defined? It takes the fun out of it.

    When she knows that you're not as attracted to her as you were before, she will want you even more. And who knows what can happen in a month or even a year from now. You don't want to shoot yourself in the foot by having "the talk" when you don't need to.

    Another word of advice: to prevent your conscience from ever coming into play, you need to be blunt with her BEFORE hooking up with her. Most guys think that this will prevent them from hooking up in the first place, but it doesn't. The key is timing. In the heat of the moment (right before you hook up), if you tell her that you're not looking for anything serious and she still hooks up with you, it's her fault. You did your job by giving her a disclaimer. 9/10 she'll still hook up with you anyway. This will prevent her from spreading nasty rumors about you and tarnishing your reputation.

    Hope this helps!

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    Default Re: how to get rid of a girl

    You're over-thinking this. When you see her, go up to her immediately when you make eye contact. "Hey, it's nice to see you! I can't talk for long." Say a few words and then eject. Maybe say, "Come talk to me later if it looks like I'm free." Then go back to whatever you were doing, turning your back to her for the rest of the evening.

    Then take precaution not to make eye contact with her unless she opens you. Talk to other girls. If she opens you, chat with her, giving her time constraints.

    If you run into her again in the future, repeat the procedure.

    YOU are the man, and you make no apologies, and you don't rearrange your motive to make HER feel more comfortable. Make YOURSELF more comfortable.


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