OK, I went to a happy hour with like 30 people. Hit it off pretty good with the organizer and had to leave early. It went very well. I talked to her for a bit on my way out. KOSHER

I texted her today but got her number off of a mutual website that we are both part of. When we talked last night she said, "That is why we put our numbers up there so people can call us" So I saw no problem with texting her today. So I did. She did text back. Perfect. I put the question in my text to get her to text back. She did. She said, " No problem on sharing the pizza. No didn't stay out too late. Caught a late movie. Have a great weekend!"

My question is this," What would be the next best step." Text in the middle of the week? Wait for the next group function (which could be a while and not really what I want. I'd like to get her alone) She likes pizza. We have a lot of common interests etc.

What are your suggestions ?