So, I've finally done it. At 22, after a whole lot of sarging and random one night makeouts and fooling around, I'm now in my first relationship. We've been together for about a week, and the situation is a bit odd. I lost my virginity to her, and I sucked. Horribly. I was very embarrassed by it, but then she changed her relationship status on Facebook and asked me if this was okay. I was elated, because I really like this girl. A few things have me worried though. She never rejects any of my advances, but she never initiates anything. This could be because she is shy. Our conversations are deep, but they never seem any different from a conversation between friends. She also talks about her problems a lot, which we all know is a bad sign. I need to figure out how to reframe and change the subject to avoid the friend zone. We hung out all day the other day, she bought me breakfast(good sign, but last night, I texted her and she said immediately that she was going to bed soon, which I took to mean she didn't want to hang out. Am I overthinking all this?

I have a few newbie relationship questions as well: How often should I text her? How often should we be hanging out? Is it beta that I usually initiate the texting and dates? Should I help her with things when she asks, or is that beta. Is it bad that I comment most of what she says on facebook and she doesn't respond much? What should I be doing to make this work?