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    andrew8834 Guest

    Default Perfect Example of how NOT to get a girl to want you.

    Okay, so I'm new to the PUA community, and it was this botched attempt at dating that finally convinced me to join all the men out there learning the secrets of picking up girls. Let me give you a little background on me first. When I graduated high school I was recruited to play both soccer and lacrosse in college, and went to a school in the northeast U.S. where I played both. After a while i got tired of it, left school, got a job as a private investigator, and then got into Georgetown U. So now i work as P.I. and go to GU. Not sure that matters but screw it. Here's the story.

    Two weeks ago a buddy of mine invited me to come hang out with him and some other guys I know before we went out to hit the bars. I thought it would be an all guy affair so I wasn't really worrying about girls. Get to the house and it's four guys (including myself) and one real cute chick. She's home for the semester from UNH doing some sort of co-op. We played pong and went to the bar. I don't really know much about the whole pick-up game, having not studied any of it until Sunday when I bought the game by neil strauss.

    I talked to her for a while about stupid sh1t, where she goes to school, her internship etc. Night over. So I'm an idiot and forget to get her number. My housemate (a girl) convinces me to send the chick flowers at her office. I know, I know, terrible idea right? I did it anyway. All the note said was Dinner? with my phone number. She calls and I picked up, and she apparently loved the flowers and wanted to go out sometime soon.

    I know one, in a million chance of working and I happened to be the lucky guy. So we arrange to go out this past wednesday. She had mentioned that Saturday that she had been trying to get her friends to go ice skating with her in D.C. and no one wanted to go. My ex, also from D.C. used to always try to get me to go, so I figured f*ck it why not? She came to meet me at my place, and we grabbed a quick dinner (very informal) and then went ice skating, I did what you call Kino, holding hands, grabbing her as she fell down, etc.

    Within an hour I could tell things were going really well, so I suggested we go see my buddy's band's show which she enthusiastically agreed to. I kissed her on the ice right as the rink was closing, she tried holding my hand as we walked to my car, spent the next 15 minutes or so making out. Seems like things are going well right? Get to the concert and the show was cancelled because my friend lost his voice, so she's like what do you want to do? I suggested going back to my place and she was like that sounds good. It ended up taking us a while to get there and by the time we're at my house it's already 11. She has work at 8 o'clock and she's like i'm just gonna go home but let's hang out soon. So far so good, but then...?

    I commit error after error. I decided not to wait three days to call her. I was working late at the office so I call her on Thursday and am like, let's go out on Saturday, and she's like yeah that sounds good. Things are still good. Don't bug her after that, Saturday rolls around, it's about 5 o'clock, and this is when things get dicey. I call her at 5. no answer. wait an hour, shoot her a text: "i made a reservation for us at 8 so just call me back when you get a chance." 20 minutes later she calls, and she's like hey sorry i was out running where's the reservation for? I tell her the place, it's important to know the chick is allergic to gluten so my options are limited. The place i made a reservation at is apparently the same place she does all her shopping at, so she obviously doesn't really want to go.

    I still have a shot at this point but whatever. She says I'm gonna take a shower but then let's reconvene. Me being an idiot i am still stuck on this whole dinner idea. She texts me as is like. I'm just gonna eat dinner at home but let's meet up later, what's the plan for tonight? This is when I blew it. i texted her back, well now that dinner followed by gluten free brownies and a movie at my place is out of the picture, want to go dancing?

    She doesn't answer for like half an hour, and then she calls me and is like, I didn't realize we were going on a date tonight I thought we were just gonna hang out, so I'm gonna stay home, but call me and we'll hang out next weekend. So yeah, dignity aside, I am an idiot. Not sure if there is anything i can do to recover with this chick, and frankly it would be great if there is, but more importantly, I need to learn the pua stuff so I don't do this kind of stuff again. If you got advice on how to recover with this girl, great. If you have advice on how to do things differently with the next girl, even better!

    [ADMIN EDIT: Please use paragraphs, it makes it much easier to read - Bill Preston]
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    br0seph Guest

    Default Re: Perfect Example of how NOT to get a girl to want you.

    yeah next time don't say over dramatic stuff like the comment about dinner and brownies. You want to remain 'chill', in control, don't give her messy reactions. Also, yeah assume they are atracted to you, but don't assume they want relationship style dates. I mean really you are hanging out, progressing sexually and eventually getting her to fall for you. Not gunna say much more you understand your mistakes and thanks for posting this, kind of nice seeing mistakes, you can learn quite a deal from them and by reading other peoples you don't have to live them but still learn. Cheers man.

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