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    Default Messed this one up,,,redeemable?

    So there's this HB9 I sit next to in class. We are incredibly flirty...giggling, touching, talking all class, she even made a motion to grab my crotch once as part of some joke. We've joked around about having eachother's babies before, she calls me handsome, yada yada. We also have a great connection and love each other's company.

    Here's my mistake...Superbowl know what's coming next I'm sure. All that follows is true and I sent her some texts I wouldn't have even sent back in high school!

    Me: Rage babe
    Her: Is that my new nickname?
    Me: Ur just so cute u make me laugh
    Her: meow
    Me: Meow boo..most girls can't keep up i love it when someone can
    Her: Are you drunk? hahaha
    Me: Lol no. I like you. I barely ever like anyone. Its so strage.
    Her: hahaha well spank you! I like you too bud
    Me (8 hours later after waking up): Omg (Her Name) i just confessed my undying love to every male n female contact in my phone friends gave me 2 xanax said they were advil blackout city ughh
    Her: hahaha I was wondering what happened earlier. Fool!
    Me: Its not good i have ex gfs in this stupid phone n now they think i wana b with them again ahh
    Her: You weren't that bad haha you just told me you liked me I didn't take it as creepy.
    Me: The kicker is i woke up butt ass naked with a girl from (Our Class Last Semester). Weird ass sunday
    Her: (My Name) ... you may actually need an intervention. I love you enough to give it to you.
    Me: As long as I'm waking up next to pretty naked girls im happy hahah
    Her: X_X
    Her: I hope you got that. Perfect smiley haha
    Me: Ahh worst sex ever
    Her: Ew (My Name). Don't tell me this sh1t!
    Her: You whoreeee.
    Her: Unfortunate though I'm sorry haha
    Me: Oh im sorry the thought of me having sex is just so repulsive! Lol
    Her: nah but I'm not having any so I don't wanna think about it haha
    Me: Why in the world are you not having sex! Its one of the best things ever

    I'm pretty damn new at all of this but I did my best to play it off nonchanantly. I threw in the sex stuff so she hopefully doesn't write me off as another AFC confessing his feelings over texts. But "I like you too bud (smile)" SCREAMS let's just be friends even though I'm positive this girl has been interested me for almost a year.

    I wasn't sure if I should make a big deal out of texting a bunch of people blackout but I was trying to convey she's not the only one who was texted / dhv (now my ex's will want to be with me again)...oh and she blackouts her fair share so no dlv there :P

    Can I get your thoughts on this? Would be much appreciated for this novice PUA. IF I still have a shot with this lovely lady please let me know how, I'm pretty into this girl she's so cute!

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    Default Re: Messed this one up,,,redeemable?

    You maybe went a little far with the sex stuff. It wasn't exactly clear that you were kidding. And askng her why she isn't having sex is going to put you into therapist friend zone. Just go repair it, trying to score some "buddy time" in person. "Hey, forget it. don't answer that. Let's go find you a man so you can get laid." Then plan an event. "I'm a smooth operator with the ladies, so it must work for getting you some hot man ass."

    Then go hang out with her. Then be friendly, kino escalate, point out some random losers in the bar, and she'll say, "No, not my type." THen point to some alpha dudes and ones that might be her type and if she says something, "Maybe, you're getting warmer, that's more like it." Then AMOG the guy (not for real, from afar, just for her entertainment). "Okay, but that guy probably has warts. (whisper: down 'there')"

    Systematically point out every loser, and every cool dude, and make up a dlv story about each cool dude. Leaving just you at the end of the night. "Don't worry, If we don't find you a guy, I'll make sure you get home safe." Where "safe" is code for "safely F\/CKED by me."

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