Not Giving a Damn

As all of us guys already know, the art of being successful with women is a very important talent to have today. If life isn’t already hard enough? Most middle class guys from high teens to middle age have a lot on their plate. For me personally, I am working full time at 2 different jobs, I go to school and take the full 18 credits. I try to keep myself in shape by working out and I am an amateur boxer. Throw in time for family and friends and my head is spinning. I then take my crazy schedule and try to find time to go out to meet and date beautiful women. Through years of trial and error, going through dating book after dating book I drove myself nuts. I have constantly worked on self improvement over the last several years and I have developed what most people call “a more natural game.” I just realized how rude of me it is not to introduce myself! They call me Stealth, and I am here to explain to you my natural method, the method that has completely turned my life around. Well enough about me… let’s get started.

There is a certain Mindset that you must have when you are going out and meeting women. No matter what you have to tell yourself to have this mindset, you have to have the “don’t care” mentality. Now I know you have probably heard this before from many people, I know I have. But my problem was that I would tell myself that I didn’t care but I was lying to myself because I did care. But once I turned that around and legitimately did not care, my whole dating life turned around, and I was in the right place at the right time and had major success that I will talk about later on.
It’s not about what I say to open a set; it’s about their reaction to my opener. Depending on their reaction to my opener I respond back with either a high risk, low risk or no risk response. It is all about calibration and through time with talking to 25+ sets a night, I have developed a sixth sense, being able to read women through their response and body language, and I know what direction to take the conversation.
One of my main points that I will stress to you is in order to be successful in dealing with women you must be rejected. You must be rejected so many times to where you realize that being rejected does not mean the end of the world. Yes, you will not feel great after being rejected, but after a while of almost becoming “numb” to rejection, that feeling you get when you get rejected will not last and you will quickly forget about it, say “next” and move right on to the next set.
If your mother was at the club with you, would you care what she thought of your ability to dance, or how social you were being? You wouldn’t give damn. Let’s play a scenario from Dante’s Peak.

You’re in a boat. With your mother and hot girl. The water is super-acidic and is sinking the boat. You have to carry one person to safety. Who are you to choose? Obviously your mother means way more to you than some random chick. Yet, a lot of the time you care more about the opinion of a stranger than you do your own mother. This just doesn’t make sense.

Overcoming the terrible feeling of being rejected, my method: Next time you are out ask yourself this question: “What is the one thing that I would never say to a girl out at a club? What is the most embarrassing thing that I could possibly say to a girl?” Think of that one thing and force yourself to go up to the girl(s) and say it. (This method works better if you have a wing with you, try switching off each set). This in turn will show you that even though you totally got blown out of the set, who knows the girl may curse you out, her guy friend might tell you off, she may even throw her drink on you (depending on how far you take this). Guys, with all of these responses, the bottom line is that you will survive and it is the best way to overcome fear of rejection because next time you go out, when you are using a normal opener, you will see how much different the responses from the girls are, and you will be A LOT less nervous running these openers.