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    HandsomeboyJohn Guest

    Default Kiss what? Txt game help

    So I met this girl, really rocking HB8, she's a hired gun at a local bar I go to often, we got along. I did a really awesome neg through a facebook message one night, it basically made fun of a bodypart of her, but it was so crazy silly that it made her laugh and it worked well.

    Anyways, a week ago I was at another bar up the street, I mentioned I was there and she was welcome to join me and my friends. She was still working, so I bounced home, nothing crazy, little flirtation through txt. Then she text'd me two days later:

    Her: What ya up to?
    Me: Finishing up some work, should be done by 8. What's up?
    Her: Just saying hola
    Me: Well, what are yooooou up to?
    Her: Consoling a friend who just lost his grandfather.
    Me:Man, that's awful. Tell him from one human being to another he has my condolences. Hope everything turns out well.
    Her: Thanks dude

    It was odd, to say the least, I chalk it up to whatever. Next night, she texts me mentioning she's working at a bar and I should stop in. I didn't get the text till much later so I didn't respond til way late, and told her I would have loved to stop in, but was busy. Left it at that.

    Next night, she asks me to join her, she's with 3 dudes who are friends of her. I'm like "sh1t, am I about to be initiated to some LJBF posse?" But it was great because the second I walked in, some random girl (HB6) grabs the hat I have on my head, says she likes it, and puts it on her own head, essentially locking herself in to me. Right in front of the target. So, I do my thing, and I make the other guys friends so they can't AMOG me and I just start having fun. It was actually a great time, I start some Kino Escalation when sitting next to each other, with some back rubbing, she rubs back etc. Right before I leave, this other girl (HB8) walks over and starts chatting me up, right with her next to me. My target acts unaffected so I keep talking to the new HB8 figuring it would only build attraction. Eventually the target and I leave to another bar. Long story short, we're making out, and this is were I screwed up.

    We're kissing, and I should have transitioned to a seduction location, but I figured maybe I should build more comfort, which is stupid on my part. So we go to a diner to grab some food (I also felt bad she was so drunk, not comfortable with that). The risk wasn't the comfort, it was I was running into the possibility of being a therapist friend. No good. So we bump out, take a cab to her place, and I suggest that we go back up to her place, she pulls back a bit, I give her some sh1t to act like I was joking to recover, she leans back in and we start kissing again, for a very very long time. She tells me she'll see me tomorrow night, and leaves.

    Now, the problem is, I think that not only did I allow the momentum to dissapate, but I texted her the next day, after she texted me:

    She texts me about an hour after she left the cab at 3:00am

    Her: I had a great time. Sorry I was so drunk.
    (next day)
    Me: No worries, had a great time too. (I refer to an inside joke)
    Her: (refers to that joke) It wasn't THAT bad!
    Me: I actually like that you might have a bad side. By the way, I'm excited I'll be at this gig here. Come check it out if you're not working.
    Her: Ya, I'll be working, but have fun!
    Me: Haha! (a movie celebrity) stopped by our show!
    Her: What!? I'm in love with that man. Bring him here!
    Me: haha it was fun, he was there only at the end. It's just awesome that sh1t happens here. You still at the bar?
    Her: Ya, It's slow though

    I didn't respond because seriously that night I was out drinking late with the guys I'm in the gig with. So the next morning:

    Me: Hey Going to the best place for pancakes in the city, wanna join me?
    (hours later)
    Her: If only I had been awake. Where did you go?
    Me: (Blah blah, amazing apple waffles blah. (refer to an inside joke) Have you been?

    She's no, but doesn't say I should take her, so I banter a bit, trying to get a solid IO through the text, but can't get one. So the final text goes:

    Me: ...And also, the cab driver that night looooved you. It was hilarious.
    Her: Haha. What? You were obviously more sober than me. Thanks to you and mr. Taxi driver for getting me home. I don't even remember talking to the guy.
    Me: Haha you didn't really, part of what makes it funny. I'll tell you that story the next time I see you.

    And that's the end. I figured I'd let her make the next move, and it's been about two days. I am a regular at her bar, so I can always pop in, but I figured I'd at least wait a week. And also I have a pretty good story prepped for when I see her again, it involves negging her a bit, but it ends up funny. I've told a few people and they've all laughed.

    But anyways, how do you guys interpret the interaction? Is she waiting for me to move? Am I on the right course? Or just walk away?

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    Default Re: Kiss what? Txt game help

    Sounds like some solid game.

    My only advice is when she became hesitant to let you come up to her place, you should have assured her that you had an early morning and could only stay for 20 min.

    BTW - that sounds soo much like a NY night. Where do you live?

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    Default Re: Kiss what? Txt game help

    BP is right. But in terms of TXT responses, you could have stuck it to her a bit when she said she was drunk. "Hey, Hi. Yeah, well, what can you do? ;-)" which might bait her into qualifying her behavior. Let her sweat a bit.

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