So what do you guys think of my online profile? I'm new to online dating and I have been looking around at some other example profiles trying to perfect my own. So please don't go nice on me!

SPOILER ALERT: If you don't enjoy having tons of fun, (Yes i am a poet and didn't know it!) you should probably just click that magic back arrow at the top left of your screen

Okay if you made it here than you are that much closer to having a great time, why stop now?! My name is Kevin and i'm 19 going on 20. I can be pretty random at times but i grow on you . I love having a good time and laughing till my cheeks hurt! I wonder if that is what botox feels like?

Moving on! I like to make everyday situations funny because laughter is by far the best medicine, unless if you have pneumonia or something than you should probably go see a doctor. Yes, definitely see a doctor lol. Anywaysss if you love having a good time, whether that be sitting around a bon fire with friends, watching a movie with horrible acting and busting on it, or just playing some put put golf, (I will kick your butt in some put put (again with one of my accidental poetic epiphanies.)) than why not send me a message?! It's super fun talking to random new people so don't be shy