So I have been online dating for about a year now and really have gotten nothing out of it except bad meetups or simply no meetups at all. Is it my profile? Please help!

38-year-old single male, no expectations but I would like to meet new people.

At 6' on the button, I can reach all those things on the top shelf for you and get to see the whole screen at the movies instead of some guy's head. If you're shorter, I can tell you what you're missing on the screen! It's also nice to be able to fit a date comfortably in a hug. One size fits all! If you also don't mind spending some nights in and not always needing to go out feel free to leave me a message and let take it from the beginning.

I enjoy bowling, playing pool, and even hitting up the gym. Yeah I might not be Arnold Schwarzenegger or Rocky but I do get my time in to workout either with weightlifting or cardio workouts.

I am looking for someone that I can be myself around and that I don't have to change anything for. I would like to meet someone that doesn't mind spending nights at home cuddling but on occasion throwing in a movie or bowling throw heck I'll even play some Kings in the Corner. I want to find someone who accepts me for who I am and I do the same for them.

Need to know anymore, usually I am glad to tell, shoot me a message or IM!