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    Default Help With Texting Plan?

    Hey guys, so I need some help with a texting plan. Here's the background info:

    I met this girl a couple months ago where I get my hair cut. She washed my hair and mentioned something about her boyfriend so I ignored it. I went back just yesterday, and her friend brought me aside and told me the girl thinks I'm really cute, and broke up with her boyfriend and that I should ask her for her number. So I already know she is at least attracted to me, and I got her number.

    I texted her a little bit with long waits between each text, and then I stopped, because I realized I wasn't sure what I was doing, and would rather say nothing right now than mess it up. Here's what I said so far, and feel free to tell me how dumb i was for saying or not saying something:

    Me: Heyy there.. It's Tyler from the salon! Is this Jen with the plastic bag head?? (While we were there she was getting her hair dyed and had a plastic bag on her head and she told me not to pay attention to it, so I teased her)

    Her: Hey, I told you not to look at the bag, haha.

    Me: Haha, do you always wear plastic bags on your head?

    Her: it's the latest trend, duh

    (90 minutes goes by)
    Me: Sorry I got caught up with some friends!

    Her: That's okay, do anything exciting? Lol

    (another hour goes by, because I was actually really busy)
    Me: Haha ohh yeahh! Went out for some italian food, which is always exciting. Chilling at my singers house now. (I'm in a band, and she already knows this.)

    (That was last night but it was really late, so today she texts me back today)
    Her: Sorry I was sleeping when you texted me, haha.

    And that's where I left off. I know I haven't really gotten anywhere, but I didn't want to keep going without a plan. The goal would be to set up a date with her. Any help would be awesome. Thanks

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    Default Re: Help With Texting Plan?

    Exactly. Don't waste your time with trivial stuff. Set the date.

    The bag lady thing is great. Don't ever apologize for anything you do (90 minutes or not). You're the man, and a busy man. Just show a high level of energy and emotion in your language when you DO get back to her. Your next text (tomorrow at least):

    "Hey Bag Lady, we should get together and hang out. You could come to a show, but I gotta warn you, the chicks are all over me. need help fending them off. Hahah"

    If that doesn't hook her, or even if she sounds interested and plans to come to a show, try to set up a quick meeting/date before then to give her a chance to be comfortable with you.

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