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    dannythedude Guest

    Default Texting gone wrong

    Ok i need some advice here, i am just hopping there is a way to come back from this. I met a girl this weekend at a club, we talked, danced, kissed... she made it clear that she liked me a lot, she said it literally and well i got her number.

    After that night we started texting, like just small talk... but then in my mind pops what i wanted to tell her the night i met her but i didnt say in person... so i texted
    - "i really like u too"

    and she never answered...

    so i wanted to know if there is a way to comeback from this, i really liked the girl and i am hoping there is a way to fix it..]

    any input is appreciated

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    Default Re: Texting gone wrong

    How long has it been since she responded. If you just met her this weekend, she might have things going on. You shouldn't be wasting your time TXTng small talk back and forth with someone you just met. Use small talk as something to fill the dead silence between more important engaging conversation when in person.

    You should have proposed a meetup sooner. Like within the first few txts. Maybe this will work. But it could fuÁk it for you too. you need to deflect her interpretation of your interest in her:

    "... as a friend. It would never work out between us. You're like my little sister. Kinda of a brat. :-)"

    Or some "neg-like" playful comment that is more congruent with your and her conversation.

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