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    Default need an opener for a girl from my running club

    I met a girl at my running club who it took a while before i got her number and FB add. I texted her before xmas to ask if she wanted to do some training but she took 2 days to text back and gave some excuse about being busy with her mum and xmas parties. i've spoken to her a couple of times since on FB and saw her running past me once in the street!

    i need a good opener to restart things with her. she's quite posh, quiet and works as a nurse.

    any good suggestions?

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    Default Re: need an opener for a girl from my running club

    What usually works best for me on girls I haven't messaged in a while is simply texting their name with a few exclamation points. Ex. Karen!!! I usually get a quick response where they just do the same thing with my name and just BS from there.

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    Default Re: need an opener for a girl from my running club

    Face 2 face should do it a lot better. But try something along those lines:

    1st Phase:

    "How does it feel to see illness, sadness and pain everyday?"
    When she answers show empathy and understanding. That'll place her in a sad mental state. She will be more open for you to help her coping.
    She'll feel like she need a shoulder if you say things like:
    "That sure doesn't sound easy. Don't you feel alone among all those people in need sometimes? Who HELPS YOU? Who makes YOU feel better, forgetting about all this suffering?"
    Even if she says that she likes her job specifically because she feels helpful, useful.

    2nd Phase: "Does running help you to take a mental break from all that?"
    Bla Bla
    "I know it helps me escaping from time to time" (show connection with something you share, have in common.)
    3rd Phase:
    "Is it enough though? If you could do anything or go anywhere to forget about all that, what would that be?"

    Like that you make her change her metal state and feel satisfaction, good emotions thinking about the things she 'dreams' about doing.

    "I don't know if that's possible (going to Paris or take a week doing nothing on a sunny beach... Whatever her 'go away dream' is.) but you know what? You need cheering up, let's have a drink to this french café or let's go to the beach for your next day off..." (something with a feel of her 'daydream', something she can settle for.)

    With that little routine,

    1- You'll have an indirect opener.

    2- You'll show empathy, understanding and caring about her personal situation.

    3- You'll maker her experience sadness, usefulness, loneliness, empathy and then relaxation, satisfaction, contentment (when she imagine what she'd like to do)... She'll feel plenty of emotions... while being with you.

    4- You present yourself as a someone who can mak her feel these good sensations to escape from that difficult job.

    5- If she still says no (she's busy or whatever)... Well, forget about her. There's nothing much you can do... She's just not into you.

    IMPORTANT: Don't forget to put some smile and tease (even some light Kino when you empathize and, then, when you cheer her up) in the mix, you don't want to be her psychologist friend.
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