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    Default How do I break out of my shell?

    I did not get any girls in high school, until my senior year when I met my first girlfriend who I lost my virginity to. After 5 years of dating and having some great experiences with her, we've had a falling out and now we're broken up. Of course she's out moving from guy to guy, but me on the other hand am not getting any. I seem to find myself in an age group where guys my age and most girls I'm attracted to have had a lot of experience with multiple partners. This is part of what attracts them to each other is experience and the openness to talk about it. I am terribly afraid to admit that I've only been with one woman since I'm now 23 years old, and this prevents me from being totally open with the women that I talk to. It's as if I have some kind of wall preventing me from truly being myself. If I had slept with a few more women I wouldn't be shy at all, and I'd let my ego fly, but I can't bring myself to seal any deals because I get terribly awkward when the topic of our sex lives come up. What's my dealio? What the hell is wrong with me?

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    Default Re: How do I break out of my shell?

    Nothing's wrong with you, friend.

    Plenty of other guys are in the same if not worse (they didn't have ANY sex life at the same age).
    You have experience... 5 years!
    But (is this that wrong?? really?) with the same one.

    As I often say, start by reading some PUA books and you'll feel a lot less alone.
    You'll soon forget the "What's wrong with me" sorry-ass speech.

    You're only 23, you have plenty of time. Don't let the social pressure eating you up. And if you feel you really have to... Lie about your sexual experience. (I don't think it's necessary at all though.)
    Girls will feel more comfortable with a guy they know can be faithful... But is now out to play a bit. You can say you wanna enjoy your new freedom for a while.

    Also, change your social circle. Make new friends. Create your new Self...


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    Default Re: How do I break out of my shell?

    nothing's wrong with u bro, just talk about the weird stuff u used to do with her and change her name or say this one chick... give the illusion that u've been with multiple girls, and remember if someone has had more partners than u it doesn't mean that they have had more sex than u, 5 yrs is a lot.

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