Let me explain this situation as short as I can.

I met this 33 year old woman online (not a dating site). We started emailing, started liking each other enough to set up a date.

She came to my house at 9:30 on a Sunday night. We went to a lounge had a few drinks and things were going great. I offered her to have some more drinks at my place(her car was at my place anyway) and she stayed until 3am in the morning.

We didn't have sex, we didn't even kiss. Please don't flame me, it was before I was on this website. That date taught me a lot and next time I take a girl home she is not leaving before we have sex (just kidding).

Anyway, a week later after having a fun 30 minute phone conversation, she kinda got upset about me negging her that she was a half an hour late on our 1st date. She send me a message that it was better not to date anymore.

Few days later she responded to my FB status, and I made a dumb decision by posting a pretty mean comment and emailing a photoshop'd picture of her. She got upset and deleted and blocked me. She also asked me to delete her cell number.

She didn't want to date my again anyway so I wasn't that upset about the situation. I was more upset the way I dealt with our 1st date. But again I learned a lot from it.

Anyway, she just responded(6 days later) to the email I sent her with her photoshop'd picture. This was her email:

Seriously?? Do you have nothing better to do with your time? What on earth makes you think this is in any remote way laughable? I'm soo NOT a prude, but will not entertain bull shit. Comm'on Kevin! We're both grown here. A better way to have approached the situation would have been to just apologize in a genuine kind manner.

Now my thought process is: why did she email me. I don't believe she just saw this email (6 days later). Also why would she start talking to me again, other then if she is interested in me...

How would you guys respond back to her email...

My goal is to see her again. Oh and btw I'm early/mid 20s, if that makes any difference....

Thanks guys! Learning a bunch from just reading the PUA Forums!