Hello everyone, first time posting.

Not sure if this belongs in this section of the board but here goes.

Met a girl off of PoF just over a month ago. A day or two after we started texting she asked me to meet her at a bar that we both go to. I did and we had a blast, got the obligatory hug / kiss on the cheek afterward and the let me know you made it home text request.

For the next week or so, lots of txt interaction, varied response times, etc... One night I get a "please come get me I'm at this bar and having a terrible night" msg. Well she was hammered, I picked her up and I don't know how but she ended up spending the night here cuddled up against me / laying on me. No sex or anything, she was way too blitzed.

The following week we met out for drinks on a Thurs and then I went out to her place the following Friday and had dinner, briefly met her mother and then we went out and got trashed again. This time I spent the night in her bed at her house, same deal. Both cuddled up.

Before we went out Fri night and even occasionally before that she drops these comments of "BF", "GF" and since girls she works with were talking about weddings and stuff, "you actually need a BF before you can think weddings".

When I tried to get her to semi-commit to me and vice versa, I get this back.
"Im very overwhelmed right at the moment an I need a little time to think. This has nothing to do with you btw"

I responded with "I'm not a prick that's out to hurt you and am willing to follow your lead a little"

Her response: "Thanks for being so understanding. Last few days iv been very out of sorts in an awful funk an that's not me Idk why either"
Now she does know that I do in fact have some hard feelings for her. She'll even joke around how she has a couple text's from me stating that and of course I play along as if I never sent them.

Now this is a girl I can totally see myself shacking up with long term. I'm 30, 2 years off a divorce, have a kid, etc...

She's a real outgoing / "tough bitch" type but has a sweet side that I can see right through the tough exterior with ease.

She will almost always respond to any txt's, emails or calls. That's not the issue. What's running through my mind is that if I'm NOT interested in someone, I won't have much to do with them, much less sleep in their bed wearing almost nothing and literally laying right on them.

Every time I think that I've screwed up things with her it always seems to take a tiny step forward.

Am I going nuts here or reading too much into it. I'll admit the divorce really messed with my understanding of women to a certain extent.

Now I have used the putting HER into the friend zone thing a little as a preemptive strike but nothing really serious with it.

For the record, I think this girl really digs me but she's unsure of herself / insecurities. She's also only really been around "dirtbags & assholes" all her life in relationships and I am FAR from that. I've got my shit together with a great job and a lot of responsibility in my life.

Opinions? I do apologize for how long this post is and can clarify if anyone needs. Thanks a ton!